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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hey all, it has been a while since I posted (lost my job and not internet/cell for a bit) by I have a blue baby (she is 8 1/2 months old right not) who had mange a few months ago which she seems to be all cleared (she had 8-9 weeks of treatments and has had two separate skin scraping which were...
  2. General Discussion
    Bumble bee was PTS a couple months ago. As Bee got closer to 2 years old she started being very submissive. If grabbed for trying to run off she would turn as if going to bite and scream. For those who don't know who Bee is, she was my pick of litter out of Stack and Dumae who I bred a bit...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    hey everyone, so i have about a 16 week old puppy who today around 2 pm got stung by a bee (I'm GUESSING.... it could be another insect bite, but i'm almost positive it is a bee sting) around 4 p.m after we took a nap n woke up, i noticed a little red bump on her nose, then a few minutes after...
  4. Pictures
    I haven't had anyone to video the dogs doing some training so today I got some! Lol.. So here is most of my crew doing a bit of wagon pulling. I use the wagon because it is squeaky and noisy, it is not much weight just more for the idea of having something behind them. Crixus and Xena both...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    so my pit was just stung by a wasp so i figured i would remind everyone to always check your dog for lumps etc. i do this before i go to bed as its late and dogs will be at least settled down. i actually saw the wasp sting my dog so i know what the lump is from. what i do for stings to myself...
  6. Pictures
    Today everyone needed Baths so we got pictures while I was at it. Xena Shes not as flat as she looks from the side. I promise ;) Crixus Shes standing like a GSD and couldn't possibly get her tail further between her legs, but her color looks great here lmao. Bee ( As you can see she...
  7. General Discussion
    It has been brought to my attention that someone in Lakewood WA has stated that Bumble Bee is the mother of puppies sold/placed ( I have no idea how they where homed) Photos where taken from my myspace ( which I have now deleted) Most of you know she has NEVER been bred. If you see any...
  8. Pictures
    Hmmm is this Bumble Bee???? NOPE ITS A BOY!!!! Bee for reals :D
  9. Pictures
    Just some quick pics of Ace getting use to things. I am giving them all bathes tomorrow and will try to take new pics of the whole crew :D He fell in love with this bone lmao. I let him take it to bed with him :D "You arn't going to take my bone are you?" He really likes this bone lol...
  10. The Pitbull Lounge
    I was picking my bunnies some grass and almost grabbed this. The photobucket should fix them soon.
  11. Pictures
    Ok these were cute so I had to share. :D
  12. Obedience Training
    So Stay was what I thought would be the hardest for her to do as she has issues with leaving my side when outside lmao. Not a bad thing except when I need her to stay. I could have gone further but my battery was dying.. Died right as she got to me lol. Oh and I actually do say stay right...
  13. Pictures
    One little Bee standing on the porch lalalalala.. Sorry for the quality. I took it from out my window lol. She was listening to a neighbors dog freaking out and she looked so cute. I am thinking about doing some ADBA conformation and see how far she can go. Couldn't hurt. Shes hasn't worked in...
  14. Pictures
    Bumble Bee was looking awfully cute today. Sneaking around in the shadows.
  15. Pictures
    Snoop Dogg! Bee! Faith! Dumae! Slim! My toy :D Francis!
  16. Pictures
    Distant relatives?? lol. I was trying to get pics of her but she didn't care so I started throwing her toy and a bunch of her pics looked like the ones of Niz lol.
  17. Pictures
    Ok First the new baby cuteness My girls! Bumble Bee and all that is adorable! :) Faith :) The girls killing a toy. They recently killed a blanket :( You can see its guts spread all over my yard. Faith walked face first into this stick lol... So she killed it. Some keep away
1-17 of 27 Results