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  1. General Discussion
    So this morning I took Beia out to go potty. She headed towards the spot she usually goes,when she stopped and started to growl. I couldn't figure it out,there was NOTHING there. Well she kept it up,and started to bark,so I drug her closer,but she fought me, by digging her paws in the dirt...
  2. Obedience Training
    She just can't understand it's NOT ok to jump on people. She has that annoying hyper little dog syndrome,where she jumps up and flails her front paws in the air,like pet me ,pet me! I swear it's cause she hangs out with all those little dogs every Sat,at Petco. Any idea on how to stop this...
  3. Pictures
    Wow...My laugh is kinda annoying...Sorry about that XD
  4. Pictures
    I am looking more and more at all the pictures of the real apbt,and their body structures... I am really starting to think Beia is the real thing. But I want another opinion(visual wise) My roomie insists she is a Shepard mix,cause of her color and ears. But she is only 34 lbs and almost 10...
  5. Pictures
    Yup. They thought she was anyway. They're gonna be very hungry later on,when they realize she's dry as the Arizona desert. They were so cute though,and Beia just stood there and let them suckle. LOL
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Ok, so I think I already know the answer to this. But just for the amusement of others.... I keep getting told,daily might I add. That Beia is to small for her breed,and that I need to feed her more veggies,cause I am stunting her growth. I have started my dogs on a raw diet,and they took to...
  7. Pictures
    Ok, well today while browsing my FB,I came across a dog that looks a lot like Beia... They say this dog is a Brindle Cattle dog.... So now it makes me wonder,if Beia could be mixed with one... What do you gals/guys think? I dunno,I could be just seeing things. ps: Yes Beia needs a nail...
  8. Pictures
    If only she would stop trying to bite me too. My God her ears are so retarded looking XD
  9. General Discussion
    She goes in for her spay surgery tomorrow morning. Boy do I have the pre-spay jidders too. It's justified though. My family lost a pet during this surgery only last year...So I am pretty nervous. :snow:
  10. Pictures
    I swear this dog makes the oddest faces. this is her waaaaaaaaaaaz-uuuuuuuuuuuuuup face the whatcha doin? face The gator face The LOL face the whut the efffffffffffffffffffffffff? face The I am not amused face The :O shock face the OH SNAP face The Imma get chu nao face The I...
  11. Pictures
    I don't like to buy my animals clothes...But this was to much to resist. Besides,we had a long walk,and it was really wet out. yes,that is how I justify buying this.:rofl:
  12. General Discussion
    Is finally loosing her puppy teeth! Her front ones are loose and bleeding..Hoping to get one before she swallows them all. LOL~ Noticed it today at puppy playtime,when she started foaming at the mouth and acting weird,so I checked and sure enough,one was gone,and the other was wiggling. Anyone...
  13. Pictures
    So I decided to bus it down to petco with Beia tonight,and attend puppy playtime. Well it almost ended up being a bust,no dogs showed up,I almost got ran over in the parking lot... That was until............... This gorgeous dog made her appearance. I can't even attempt to spell this dogs...
  14. Pictures
    Beia's new trick Bruno's(still in the making) This was taken shortly after the paper towel roll incident mind you. LOL~
  15. Pictures
    No joke, I said his name,and she just started barking. I thought it was a fluke....But I kept saying the name,and she kept barking!
  16. Pictures
    This little pup was very dominate though,shouldn't have had it out around other dogs. She kept making excuses for it. Beia managed to make friends though,and Bruno played nice till the pup went after him,so Bruno went back to the car for a bit. But here are some pics :3 Car ride to the park...
  17. Pictures
    This was the only photo,out of 21 takes,that came out decent. Only cause Bruno stopped moving around,to stare at a Bull dog that came up to wait inline. :rofl: Don;t mind Bruno's demon eye. And Santa was a girl.
  18. Pictures
    I wish they stayed puppies forever...Only without the constant potty training. Some of Bruno I never keep my bed covered when they're on it...Beia tends to have accidents. I can't even count how many times I've had to wash my comforters.
  19. Obedience Training
    So Beia seems to be a bit shy of people. This is how MoMo started out,so most here know my concern. I've been taking her out with Bruno,cause she's not as shy when he's around,but I can't always walk them together. Is there something I can do, to make her less afraid? Also,she seems to be...
  20. Pictures
    Bruno lives, eats, and breathes for tug.So it's only natural he'd teach Beia. He even SHARED! This is amazing! He doesn't even like me touching his tug toys. LOL~ Bruno likes to take his paw,and whack her,so she lets go. LOL. He's such a jerkface. Did someone say TUG? The ferret...
1-20 of 21 Results