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  1. Pictures
    It's been quite a few months since I posted pictures.. sooo... here goes :) Ozai 2 years old Modeling his new Cali Girl Collar The three amigos, Belle, Rudi and Ozai Handsome man My little lady Rudi The hider lol, she hates pictures Thanks for looking :)
  2. Pictures
    I picked up a new foster and I will try to make a long story short. I had a Lab I was fostering who is going kennel crazy and needed a foster who could help her learn to be a part of a family. She is a high needs dog and I am too busy to work with her and she has some serious issues. I went to a...
  3. Pictures
    I haven't been around in about 6 months so it's been awhile.. and my girls are just so photogenic and i love to take pictures of my children SOOOOOOO here is about a bazillion pictures for you to enjoy! for those of you that don't know, belle is the chocolate pit x lab and rudi is my blue...
  4. Pictures
    The hubby and I have some friends that own a dog that looks juuust like Belle! I dunno how close these pictures look, but... seriously, it's kinda scary! Her name is Allie, she is in better shape than Belle, but Belle also has some lab in her. Anyways, lookie here! Belle: Allie:
  5. Pictures
    It's Belle's birthday today!!! She's 2 years old!!! What a DOLL, i just love her, she is the girl that got me into pitties and i just love her to death. She is a PERFECT dog, i couldn't ask or anything better. She got a new collar for her b-day and she looks very smashing!!!! The girls...
  6. Pictures
    My boss is out of town for the day/night and so I brought her dogs over to watch them easier. The girls love them and they love my girls so it works out :) Here's Genna: Genna and Belle kissing Thor! aw mommmmm Thor and Genna Rudi at ... 16 months old everybody chillin' how did...
  7. Pictures
    dang belly needs them nails trimmed! sneaky gal! and they're so sad about being stuffed in the back of the car!
  8. Pictures
    gimmee arggg yess i just needed some help k lemme down gotcha happy times can i come out now? run belly! run!! get outta here! biding my time.. muahahha!! snow.. so deep... snow in the face! so she hid under the porch thanks for looking :D
  9. Pictures
    i got some pictures from my boss's computer, little belle at 6 months and under. what a cutie :) lolz picture below is from left to right: Miley (my foster girl), Belle, and Genna
  10. Pictures
    got my training harness from Tablerock Monday, been working with Belly a little bit everyday! She really is taking to it well, I'm so proud of her! Rudi refuses to pull anything at all, even a 2 pound weight, but ah well! Ignore my... voice, lol :D Thanks for viewing!
  11. Pictures
    you listen to me, biiatch! ok ok.. just stop humpin' meh lets go rake some leaves! 9 mos old i see you squirrel... i still see you squirrely stop BSL tag! oh flappy face modeling belly showing off her new tag! belle the hotdog and genna the mustard bottle genna the mustard bottle...
  12. Pictures
    since apparently I take more pictures of Rudi, I got some pictures of Belle today! This one was my favorite:
  13. Pictures
    I really really love it. It's very bright and sturdy and just all-around awesome. and for $8, i can't beat it. the boyfriend loves it too, i'm gonna go back and buy some for the rest of my gang now hahaha. even though rudi is wayyy to small, she can... grow into it. haha.
1-14 of 14 Results