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  1. General Discussion
    People are allowed to continue to talk about you but my ability to respond is removed? Everyone better go rub bulldoggins belly and kiss somethin else. Hurry, there's a line...
  2. Pictures
    Hey, I'm new to this site and was just looking for a little help, my 10m female keeps getting a lower belly rash. I took her to the vet for this once already, I forgot what the doctor said it was at the time but the doctor put her on cephalexin for a week, it cleared the rash up but now its back...
  3. Pictures
    HELLO GP! says the dynamic duo! doin it together? thanks for looking! the babies appreciate it ;)
  4. Health & Nutrition
    My puppy has what looks like a mild rash (tiny red spots, not bumps) all up her chest and armpits. I checked her ears and they seem to have the mild rash reaction too. There is what looks like one little red bump on her chin and her eyes look a bit bloodshot as well. She doesn't appear to be...
  5. Pictures
    Since I'm apparently in a picture takin' mood, I decided to take some more during playtime today! For some, you know I've been trying to figure out how to get my girls to stack for like ... my whole dang life it seems like haha! Rudi is looking much better after some work, but she's still touch...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Our 2 year old female pitbull was in heat 2 months ago and ever since then her nipples are saggy and her belly looks like she may be carrying milk. The only issue is she has never been around a male to become pregnant. She is not overweight and this is the only spot on her entire body that isn't...
  7. General Discussion
    was walking my girl Freebie around the block training yesterday and ran into some kids in their driveway. Since Freebie is still learning, she got all hyper with the "new thing to look at and try to go smell". So I just had her stop- (the kids also didn't try to "pat the doggy") and sit or at...
  8. Pictures
    Momz arrz yous hasing a puppy?
  9. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hey guys! Whew! Who knew pregnancy could make you soooo tired!:sleep: And a slew of other odd things... :flush::curse::cry::angeldevi Otherwise, I've been in really great spirits. I am 11 week pregnant now. I will be in my second trimester by the end of this month! I have had 2 doctor visit's...
  10. Health & Nutrition
    my pup has red marks on his belly simular to any ideas on what it could be?..thx n sum1 told me to give him benedryl..how much do i give him? he is 14 lbs
  11. Health & Nutrition
    My dog has had an odd little mark on his stomach that I feel has gotten more red it looks like its chaffed a little but I'm not sure here are some pics
  12. General Discussion
    Has anyone seen this before? We just found this stray last night. She's chipped and we've contacted the owner but haven't heard anything back yet. I've just never seen any kind of mark like this on any animal ever before. I tried to post a link to the image, but this is my first post and it...
  13. Pictures
    Now I made this with Gopitbull.com in mind. So I figured what better dogs to spread the word than those from our site. So do not be supprised to see your amazing pup. Any and all comments are welcome. -Kane
1-13 of 15 Results