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  1. Pictures
    They are inseparable...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Wanted to let everyone know his knuckling went away and he is doing great
  3. Pictures
    Just cuddling together
  4. Pictures
    Lexus playing with new puppy bentley
  5. Health & Nutrition
    My pitbull Bentley is 2.5 years old and not neutered. A few days ago he started trying to mount my other dog a female mutt who is spayed. She snaps at him when he tries to mount her and he backs off quick. He won't leave her side and is constantly jumping the air and whining all the time. He...
  6. Pictures
    This guy is a handsome dog he is very hyper but good looking
  7. Pictures
    IMG_8322 by Anthrax15, on Flickr IMG_8326 by Anthrax15, on Flickr IMG_8675 by Anthrax15, on Flickr
  8. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, me and Bentley are moving into a new house. I brought him to the house today, he loves the back yard, but he's crying in the house. I know he does it because it's new I was wondering could you guys give me some ideas to make him have the home feel here. By the way Bentley is 7...
  9. Pictures
    My buddy/best friend is really growing fast and I'm loving it... Check him out Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  10. Pictures
    hey ladies/gents just wanted to show you all my dog bentley,i made a thread about a year ago in the introduction forum with puppy pictures etc and thought id throw up some relatively new pictures for you to check out he is sitting at around 100lbs and was born november 6 2011,hes an amstaff...
  11. Pictures
    This is my 3 year old AmStaff/APBT mix, I was told the bloodline was jeep red boy but was never produced papers. He was rescued from a friend of mine who could not take care of him.
  12. Pictures
    Bentley is now White eyes and not Blue eyes, lol. He is 6 months old, 48lbs, and 18.5". Don't go to work! His favorite duck.. Treat? Good morning!!!!! Still sleeps like a puppy. Tanning.
  13. Obedience Training
    Bentleys obiedence progress (Vids) We've chosen to go with the group below. They seem to be pretty legit and have lots of good reviews on independent sites. I talked to Nick White (the owner) for a little while on the phone and decided I felt good about moving forward with him. I will be...
  14. Health & Nutrition
    So last night we were out with the neighbors and I had originally had bentley (5 1/2 months) outside with us but took him in for a little bit because it was cold out. About an hour later we go to get him back out of the house and he was limping and we had to carry him. He wont put any weight on...
  15. Pictures
    Hopefully the pic worked, I am new at this app. Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  16. Pictures
    Just finally joined here after lurking for a little while. Below are some pictures of our new pup Bentley. As of this post he is 14 weeks 5 days and weighs 22.3 lbs. The day we picked him up.. 9 weeks.. 12 weeks.. 13.5 weeks.. 14 weeks, 5 days.. Lmk what you think...
  17. Pictures
    Okay, so it had been like 6 months side I've had time to get on here. I miss y'all!!!! Bentley is doing amazing here are some pics to prove how well he is living lol. ( too good if you ask me ;-). ) Go MSU!! He is just loving life!
  18. Pictures
    I not only had pictures of her, but i also took some videos too to remember her by, hope you like :) puppy love, bear and bentley kissing conversation??? Bear and her playing togehter outside, i called her my pitty because she felt like she was mine a little bear vid when we got him, dont...
  19. Pictures
    He's just getting so big.. *tear* 60 lbs now... aaagh haha poor thing needs him some braces... Audrey wanted in on the action He's a happy dog :D
  20. Pictures
    Bentley and his friend Grayce
1-20 of 32 Results