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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I have never seen this type of behavior in my dog before and i do not know what to think of it. Bernie was laying next to my wife and the baby facing the door and then he started growling towards the door kind of like staring at a spot on the ceiling. I did not think anything of it since he does...
  2. Pictures
    Mini Bull and his best friends :) Peanut and our past foster doggy
  3. Pictures
    I took some shots today after our walk :) Looking mastiffish on this pic lol
  4. Pictures
    So this is a new one, he is into spinning circles now when he Plays with other dogs lol Getting chased :) Look how small he used to be next to the same dog lol I may not have the Bulliest dog at all but he has the most awesome temperament in the world.
  5. Pictures
    Look at those rears :) Who said little dogs cant work ?Peanut and Nanny :)
  6. Obedience Training
    Dogs are smart he knows collar means walk next to daddy or mommy no matter what and the harness means go nuts :) Patience + training = accomplishes anything
  7. Pictures
    Mac Daddy and Candy girl :) They got to meet for the first time, we had technical difficulties and Bernie hurt his paw playing in the snow :(
  8. Pictures
    Look at how nasty and long his drool is lol He loves the snow :) Thanks for looking :)
  9. Pictures
    Just wanted to share a few shots of my boy wearing his new harness. I highly recommend this harness.
  10. Pictures
    Just wanted to share my boy :) and how lean he is getting!!!
  11. General Discussion
    I met someone on the bully forums that owns Bernie's Brother, they share 75% of the pedigree. This is his brother and the link to his page: MALES - I didn't know Bernie had Juan Gotti Blood in him, I couldn't find the remaining dogs in his pedigree but this guy did. Right now I only have one...
  12. Health & Nutrition
    What do you guys think? he has been resting for two weeks because I thought he damaged his back leg but it turned out to be a muscle pull thank god. He weighed 78 pounds at the vet's this Saturday, he eats two cups of taste of the wild a day.
  13. Pictures
    I just want to give Shane from Stillwater a shot out for making my boy a quality custom size collar at a sick cost. Love this collar you can't find a collar with this quality for the price anywhere else.
  14. Pictures
    It is finally getting cooler now I get to work Bernie a lot better. Can't wait to do his hips to take it up a notch :)
  15. Pictures
    I love my big boy =) here is playing with my niece, more fuel against BSL and the haters of our breed
  16. Pictures
    I am very talented I can flirt pole with Bernie and shoot a pic at the same time :) jk thanks for looking !
  17. Pictures
    @8 weeks playing with Jack =) @ 1 year playing with Jack and Tiger =) :woof:
1-20 of 43 Results