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    No reason for this post other than to share this handsome boy. He was just sitting, watching me water plants on the porch. ❤️
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    Halloween is Bert’s two year adoption anniversary! I couldn’t wait to share this cute photo. He’s been such a great dog. He’s a little over 3 years old now. I’ll always miss seeing what he would have looked like as a cute puppy, but getting an adult dog made it easier to see his personality from...
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    So my two dogs Izzy and Bert know they aren't supposed to be on the couches. Izzy never gets on them, but Bert seems to think he's above the law. He won't hop up there when my husband and I are home, but when our 19 year old daughter is home, he does what he wants. She's captured this...
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    I love this dog so much! Almost 9 months now since we've had him. He's the sweetest most interactive dog. Always wants to be with us, and happy to say hello to everyone he meets. So thankful we rescued him from the shelter.
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    Next week will be 6 months since we adopted Bert from the animal shelter! We love this sweet boy so much! He is such a goofball and fits in perfectly with our family. He was so happy today when I brought home this giant tennis ball from Pets Mart, I just had to share. :) *Sorry my photos are...
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    These two make me smile! Just relaxing after a nice walk. :) Berts ears are so funny when they are flipped up. :)
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    We adopted Bert almost 3 months ago. He's about 18 months now. He was picked up as a stray acording to the shelter. The shelter has a high kill rate and is mostly filled with pit mixes and chihuahua mixes. The animal control officers were very kind and the volunteers as well. You can tell they...
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    Bert thought the ears were amazing! He cracks me up :)
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    Just figured I'd share my big boy. Enjoy!! And sorry about the quality, the majority of these are phone pics. At 8 weeks Not sure of his age here...lol His first camping trip, after riding 4wheelers all day After bringing Lola into the family. He accepted her in QUITE well, as you can...
1-9 of 9 Results