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  1. Pictures
    4 Months 18 weeks.. Still don't know why it uploads like this. any tips ?
  2. Pictures
    I have no idea what bloodline he is, but he’s 12 weeks old and 16 lbs. i’m wondering how tall and big he may get. The first picture was him at 10 weeks and the rest are him now, at 12
  3. General Discussion
    He loves laying on my chest Sent from my Z982 using Tapatalk
  4. Pictures
    I took my 9 month bully to get spayed and vet didn't do it because she's high risk . Pita seems to be very obese according to her vet. She has gained 18lbs in less than 2 months which I agree is alot I think she looks good but....
  5. General Discussion
    This is my boy loco on the right He is 4 month old wight already 47 pound, he has huge paws and he is growing very fast. The big boy next to him his 3 years old. How big do you guys thinks he gonna be? Thanks :)
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum and I just need a little advice. My big guy Blu is a 3yo blue nose brindle mix, and he has been having some really red, flaky skin on his groin and I don't know how to make it go away. I was using coconut oil but I think it's making it worse. He is...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey guys I have a blue nose pup that I've had for about 5 months, my wife got him for me when he was 6 weeks old and he is growing at a very fast rate. He is currently 6 months and 3 weeks and is 100lbs. We take him back to see his parents every now and then and he is already bigger than his...
  8. Pictures
    9 months and has a little more to grow
  9. General Discussion
    I adopted this pitbull mix from the shelter so I don't know who the parents are, but I think maybe he's bullmastiff & pibull or something. Just know paperwork say pitbull mix. Anyways he turned 18 weeks old now and is already 48 lbs so I was just wondering if he will be 100lb as an adult or just...
  10. Pictures
    Jeeze karma is just getting big so fast! Seems like she was just so small the other day. She is now 13 weeks and has adapted to her food change well and is now just about bell trained to go potty. She LOVES carrots. She's a bratt sometimes but you can't help but love her!
  11. Pictures
    Here he is at 31/2 months and 30 pounds sleeping in my tv chair
  12. pitbull behavior
    Howdy all, New to the site, not new to the breed. My new puppy, whom which i've had since 9wks, is rolling through 6mos now and at 60+ lbs needs to get over his puppy biting, or mouthing as I call it, since its just play biting, but getting painfull. he is growing up with a 12yo male who will...
  13. General Discussion
    this happened in my neighborhood.. this little frenchy does not play around.
  14. Pictures
    Enjoy photos of my newest addition :woof: My little man before he came home with us. K.O.'d in his new bed Itty Bitty. Growing, growing, growing! Sprawled out on the couch like the big dogs. "What cha' lookin' at?" This face! Transformation This is the paw of an 11 week old...
  15. Pictures
    hi everyone. im new to this website literally registered a few minutes ago lol i adopted a 5-6 month old puppy/dog a month ago and i was wondering what breed it is. i was told he is a red/blue nose mix but when i got his shots they wrote that he is an amstaff. i dnt know exactly how much he...
  16. Pictures
    She will be 8 months soon. Time flies!
1-16 of 292 Results