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  1. General Discussion
    Sorry for the rant, but I gotta ask something. I have a 75lb blue bully. He's a beautiful stout block head. Also the smallest lil guy out there. Because there are quite a few people out there that have one just like him, except way bigger. That's an important detail. Well you win. You got...
  2. Pictures
    Ok if your friends with me on Facebook you would have seen one picture and a comment I made. I thought to post her and share, my girl Cali got thicker like she popped lol, she got a thicker neck an chest, she is 2 yrs old here are the pics that is not her bowl, she happened to be in my room...
  3. General Discussion
    So I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas about making my pitbull bigger naturally.... I over heard a conversation and this guy said he feeds hes pitbull raw meat and it makes him real big? Is this a fact or a myth? And Is this healthy for the dog???
  4. General Discussion
    Hi guys i'm having a little difficulty picking out a walking harness and collar. right now his neck size is about 17 inches. But I dont want to buy a harness & collar that he'll outgrow. So would it be safe to say his neck will grow another two to three inches?
  5. Pictures
    He's getting bigger everyday. I cant believe how much he has grown in 2 months. He pushing 30lbs now.
  6. General Discussion
    Alright Lets talk about measurements! Heres all my dogs measurments. (Neck slightly over shoulder, Brestbone to last vertical rib, Brestbone over neck to last vertical rib, Brestbone thru legs to back of outside hind leg, Withers to base of tail, Withers to ground, Chest Width & Neck size)...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    My pit is 6 weeks old and weighs about ten pounds. Seems he is going to be a very large dog. He is very solid it isnt all fat at all, i want to take advantage of this as much as possible. I was just wondering if there was anything minor i could do to help him along. maybe some puppy supplements...
  8. Pictures
    little boo is turning into big boo lol, shes almost 10 weeks...still has accidents in the house somtimes but that was expected. She has strange eating habits but shes gaining weight and she got her second booster shot. Vet said shes the cutest healthiest pitbull ever. I love her to deathhh...
  9. General Discussion
    I have a 7 month red nose puppy who weighs exactly 41lbs...how much more is she gonna grow....supposedly her mother weight 65lbs and her father 78lbs...so i dont think she will get that big...Please Help!
  10. General Discussion
    Hello All, I have a pitbull puppy by the name of Blue is is 6 1/2 months old and about i'd say 60-65 and i wanted to knwo how much more will he grow in terms of pounds and when will he start to fill out and at what age is a dog considered FULL GROWN? Thanks Again
  11. Conditioning
    i have a 4month old pitbull her mom is a terrior and her father is a big red nose with a big head so i was wondering what can i do to get it a good excercise
  12. Pictures
    Kilo at 7 months, weighing in at 70.2 lbs and still growing. The question is how much bigger can he get? Take a guess at what his weight will be at 1 year!
  13. Pictures
    The 15 day old girls seem to be camera shy... whereas the boys are just hamming it up!! Yeah split litter! 5 and 5!
  14. Pictures
    Felony at 7 months old weighed in at 45.5 pounds when we took her in to the vet yesterday. Bella was TRYING to get a great picture for me, but felony kept screwing that one up.
  15. The Goldmine
    Facts: • Canine obesity is a growing and common problem, with many studies suggesting that 40-50 per cent of dogs are overweight • The main cause of canine obesity is overfeeding and insufficient exercise • In overweight dogs, all body structures prematurely age and can lead to shortened...
  16. Pictures
    on a side note, shes now 9.8lbs and her brother stopped over for a visit ( my bud is foster him ) and he's a good bit bigger and 13lbs! he not chubby or anything,just alot bigger than i would think. i wish my camera wasnt dead then, he'll be over again soon though. nemo is still hovering a tad...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    My 8 week old pup has a underbite but im not sure if it will get worse as he matures?
1-17 of 25 Results