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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    Fresno Bully Rescue 2nd Annual BIKES & BULLIES Bike Run - Sat. 6/11/11, Fresno, CA Fresno Bully Rescue, a non-profit, NO-KILL dog shelter in Fresno, CA, specializing in bully breed dogs (Pitbulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bulldogs, etc.) is holding its 2nd Annual BIKES & BULLIES...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hi, haven't been on here for a while because life has been busy. For those interested in bikes, here is my old Kawasaki ninja zx6-r 2008 model. On Saturday, I part exchanged it for a new bike. A 2010 Kawasaki zx6r. I hope you all like :)
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    03' cr125r, guy wanted $1000 for it.. i went n looked at it, we couldnt get it started.. the compression felt fine, everything felt fine.. top end was just rebuilt.. talked him down to $800.. got it home put a new spark plug in it.. fired the 1st kick.. rode it 3 days in a row at the track...
  4. General Discussion
    ok so i recently found out that mula loves running around with me while i ride my bicycle. (on the leash attach to me or the bike of course) but anyways. i was wondering how long can i take her out on a bike run for. it seems like she could hang with me for an hour or two. I always have some...
  5. Conditioning
    I havent us a tread my dog an I mainly my dog likes the bike runs is there any diffrents when it comes to conditioning??
  6. Positive Pitbull News
    *Please respond to this non sense!!!!!! Unleashed: Outcry over dog and bike photo in Sun - A blog for animal lovers on pets, dogs, cats, shelters and animal rescue - baltimoresun.com Outcry over dog and bike photo in Sun The Sun ran this photo by Jed Kirschbaum on page 3 in today's paper...
  7. General Discussion
    so this morning i was gunna take lexi for a walk and decided instead of that i wanted o try something new, so i broke out the bike to see if she would run with it instead of just walking, well within 30 seconds we wer riding all around the neihborhood we prob had a nice little 3mile run and she...
  8. General Discussion
    We just finished running sarge on our bikes. We turned a corner to find a woman walking a little turd dog with a leash. Behind her 50ft was a cat. After we passed the woman with her dog the cat flew in the air and landed on sarges back and started dropping hooks. Sarge rolled over on his back to...
  9. Pictures
    snoop and the bike karma and the bike she looks scary...lol it feels like shes lookin right through you protecting the family goods lol look at that twinkle ahh attack of the karma lol
1-9 of 9 Results