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  1. General Discussion
    My dog picked up a dead bird in his mouth, is that harmful to the dog or can he handle it without getting sick?
  2. General Discussion
    So this is kind of funny. I was walking Savannah last week, and as we're walking I hear a bunch of geese flying over head. Well she hears them too and begins to look in every direction, left, right, front, back, she was super confused. She neglected to look up. She still doesn't get the concept...
  3. General Discussion
    For those of you who watch, or are familiar with the show BONES. I just watched an eps. from season four, where they had a case of a man who was killed by a dog. In one scene they go to a junk yard, and there's a pit bull, I was thinking OH great, here we go, the mean pit bull junk yard dog...
  4. General Discussion
    well not mine but in my boys water bowl i always see birds drinking out of it and when i go out there, there is poop in the water. i dont mind changing the water but sometimes im not home and im not leaving my dog without water. so my question is how do you keep birds out of your dogs water bowl?
  5. General Discussion
    I say screw runner set ups they are two costly and don't last. I have several runner set ups in my yard. With my active dogs they are not lasting. I buy some of the best pulleys i can find and they still dont last. Not only are the wheels to the pulleys wearing down at a incrediable speed...
  6. General Discussion
    Does any have any suggestions on how to help scare birds away from the dog food? when i go out in the morning to feed my outdoor dogs, it like birds are always waiting on me. I can see them in the trees watching me and its kinda creepy ..lol As soon as i walk away i can hear their wings flapping...
  7. General Discussion
    Is there anything i can put out in the kennels that will keep most of the birds out of the dogs food? :stick: Tess's kennel is the only one that the birds go after. The rest of the dogs chase the birds, but Tess just lays there and watches at them. Is there a special type of feeder or bowl i...
1-7 of 8 Results