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  1. Pictures
    Hey! Okay, so i'll just let this out here. I've had a secret love for Boa Constrictors since i was 5, my mom doesn't really like them so i need other eyes for these :) I love how when you hold them you can actually feel their bodies operating, like how their muscles stretch when they move . I'll...
  2. Pictures
    So today i got out of school early; we had the option to go to the school picnic or go home. You know what i chose :hammer: So a few know that i ordered Prismacolor Soft Core Colored Pencils not to long ago from Walmart. I paid my whole paycheck...not smart in some cases but i wanted them. BUT...
  3. Pictures
    Hey everyone! Lately i've been wanting to express the human side of my art. So i'm going do it. This here is London...yeah i love her. She's based from me. I'm not sure how many more i'll be drawing. But you can find them on this page...
1-3 of 3 Results