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  1. Pictures
    Anybody on GP have any pics of little APBT? Im saying like 35 pounds and under full grown.
  2. Pictures
    Hear thy rawr! What do you mean small fry!? MEH! I ish a pout now Ish stops and smellz teh roses..er..weed and brick. Better run Riley! Thanks for looking at my Spazz bucket!:woof:
  3. Pictures
    So I went to the pet store to get some snake food and I see this itty bitty kitty in a fish tank with guinea pigs and rabbits..... It is only about 6 weeks old and they told me that some women dropped it off about an hour ago. The women said that she found the kitten and did not want it. So I...
  4. Pictures
    You all have seen Bodacious and Touche' but not there baby picts .... so here ya go :) From left to right Mahogany Brindle with white blaze is Blade Red Brindle in center is Touche' striking an over the shoulder pose Second row lighter Red Brindle is Noodles Fawn brindle with the big...
1-5 of 5 Results