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    Took some photos of Blackie turning in to a nice dog to work.
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    I took a few pics of Blackie in the snow .. few action pics. . . .... .
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    This cousins dog but he gets alone with soldier. But i help her with him seen she elderly .Sometimes i feed him and put some cedar up in his dog.He like's to work alot especially flirt pole..
  4. Pictures
    time has gone by quick... i remember when i first got this boy.he is around [email protected] months.
  5. General Discussion
    Written by... mom Sarah M. Photos by The wonderful Aleksandra G. of Aleksandra G Modern Portraiture -- aleksandra g - modern portraiture | SmugMug Blackie came to me through a set of unusual circumstances. I had my heart set on adopting a cat, but briefly entertained the idea of getting a dog...
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    growing up nicely.... here is his ped..... ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [369242] :: AXIOM'S BLACK THUNDER
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    there getting big, well Blackie is Pepper will be lucky if she is 30lbs lol there 6 months old now :roll: Pepper with her bat ears ;p Blackie built like a tank
1-7 of 7 Results