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  1. Pictures
    I have seen some really awesome collars on this site. So if anyone wants to post some pics of their besty's collars, harness or chokers- here's where its at! Do you prefer some studs? Pink leather or bare? Let us know???!!!!!! (P.S. If there is already a thread like this- pls feel free to...
  2. Pictures
    I swear I have a collar shopping addiction { I have like 6 more on way } but here is one I bought for my girl Cali Love. being her vocal self here lol
  3. Pictures
    We ordered a collar from imosh awhile ago and it finally arrived today. Love it , I know spikes arent for everyone but they sure are for me :) i woke her up for all of this and she was so over the photo session by this one lol
  4. Pictures
    just got roxies stillwater collar the other day. she loves it, looks great on her. think i may order the orange show collar too for her. warning i went picture happy can i help you
1-4 of 6 Results