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    nice doggy
  3. Pictures
    The kids took Bob out back and got him to swim! Hes a newb at it but he should get better as time goes on. Im excited cuz now we have something else to work on.
  4. Bob

    peek a boo
  5. Pictures
    Bob had a good day, he worked real hard for Carley and I so he got to hang out in the yard with us. what a face! holding down his bench
  6. Pictures
    I was searching some images online and came right back to an old thread on bandogges here on GoPitbull, I was pleasantly surprised at seeing Bob again and was wondering where redog is hiding him. So I figured I'd call him out publicly and demand some recent photos.
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    Im really enjoying this dog. I hate to think of what would have happened to him if we didnt take him and his siblings in. so far, hes the most difficult dog Ive ever known. him and I seem to have the same personalities. I love the challenge.
  9. Pictures
    Well heres Bob at almost 11 months. hes a challenge but is really coming along great. Just dont walk in my house without knocking, and everything will be fine! lol
  10. Pictures
    Hes a handfull! I dont know if I can stand hearing "NO BOB! "1 more time. ha! at least it has a better ring than "ELMER NO!"
  11. General Discussion
    Today in CA Patcheeno X Pepper's Pup June Bug (JR) Took the Breeder Handler Class, BOB, and Group 2 She is now: UKC CH C'S SMALLTOWN FINAL FANTASY, OFAca, OFApa A HUGE CONGRATS to Crystal and June Bug I hope to have new picts of her to post soon.
1-12 of 18 Results