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    PIT BULLS ARE HEROES NOT VILLIANS! Please Share, tweet, fb far and wide & VOTE for BODACIOUS every day in the 2012 Hero Dog Awards at Hero Dog Awards :: Contestants Show your Pit Bull Pride. Bodacious is in the Therapy Dog category. Here is a short piece of her bio. On each hospital round...
  2. General Discussion
    Bodacious is a Nominee For The 2012 Hero Dog Awards Please Vote Daily Until June 30 Hi there. Bodacious, one of my certified APBT therapy dogs, is in the running for the 2012 Hero Dog Award. I hope you will help vote and share far and wide. Voting starts on April and goes until June 30st. You...
  3. Pictures
    Bodacious was jumping up and down at the window thinking.... "Mama can we go outside? I want to play with the kids!" She loves my neighbors kids, and they often come for walks with us. ♥ I finally got a shot of her semi standing still. © Patch O' Pits
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    Patcheeno, (He will be 12 on 5/18/11), and Bodacious, (She is 4 1/2.)
  5. General Discussion
    Bodacious took and passed her ADBA Safe Dog Test Sunday. :) I posted the link for those who are not familiar with the test. It is similar to the CGC test. She also earned some more ADBA points today. Congrats to all the winners!!! Tri-State always puts on a great event. If you are interested in...
  6. General Discussion
    Bodacious is trying win $10,000 for Pit Bulls. Please Vote and leave a comment for her online at The Bissell MVP Contest Website! Voting starts March 23 and goes until the 29th. You can vote 1 time each day. Please crosspost and share with friends. This could help a lot of dogs… I know it...
  7. General Discussion
    Hi Everyone Favor PLEASE SMILING BOdacious Needs Your Help to Be "The Most Popular Dog" on FB. PLEASE vote for the picture of her smiling sitting with her 3 "human" cousins. Voting is simple. You just need to leave a comment under her picture! To Vote First, log onto facebook and go to the...
  8. Pictures
    Simply Bodacious... Bodacious is on squirrel patrol and she takes her job very seriously LOL. She was free stacking herself while she watched them so I had to snap a quick shot of her.
  9. General Discussion
    THE PIT BULL PROBLEM - The Trentonian News: Serving Trenton and surrounding communities. (trentonian.com)
  10. Pictures
    Bodacious Looking Bodacious Of Course LOL Looks, Brains, and a whole Bunch O' Brindle-icious Personality = BODACIOUS I love this picture of her!
  11. Pictures
    Getting Ready, Set...Go, Go, GO, GO; Bodacious in the Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeee haaw!!!! Zoooooooooooooooooomies... Outta the way!
  12. General Discussion
    (My Newest Therapy Dog)Bodacious Joined the "Family Business" Bodacious is now a certified Therapy Dog! Today at around 6:00 pm EST, she passed her test. She is following in her POPs pawprints... the family business, so to speak of being a "DR. Dog/Therapist". I'm so proud of her!!!! She is...
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    Simply BODACIOUS Oh mom, not the camera again!!!!!! OK, if I sit pretty can I have my ball? Just hurry up, I don't want my Bodacious booty getting all sandy Woo Hoo! Now it is reward time!
  14. Pictures
    Bodacious Looking Vivacious in Violet ...
  15. Pictures
    Ok I caught it... Now out of my way while I run for the touchdown!!!!
  16. General Discussion
    With all the chaos in my house over the last couple of months I have not done much of anything besides, mope, hang out with the dogs in the house after work and play fetch... My BF offered to babysit my other dogs and sent me off to a ADBA show Saturday. Bodacious took a third place in big and...
  17. Obedience Training
    Bodacious & Touche' Demonstrating "Leave It" Teaching a good solid leave it command can be a huge help in everyday activities whether it be at meal times, for those poop eaters out there, when you drop something you don't want them to have, for the underwear, sock and clicker thieves etc. Here...
  18. Pictures
    This was the ADBA Nationals on Sunday in NJ. It was VERY HOT. The judge told us to relax the dogs unless they were being examined, so no one would over heat. Here are some candid shots taken at the show while we waited our turn. "Mommy, Why isn't is my turn yet?" "Can we play while we are...
  19. General Discussion
    Bodacious Got Her CGC At the ADBA Nationals!!!!! I am a proud mama pit She had a great time getting loving from everybody.
  20. Pictures
    My little gal Bodacious loves watching the birds :love2: Wait for me birdies!!!!
1-20 of 25 Results