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  1. Health & Nutrition
    My female pit Haas blister like sores on her Coochie as well as her leg and body?!? What could this be? I'm new to this site and not sure how this all works, but I do know I am desperate for some sort of possible diagnosis. I am not in a financial position to go to the vet so I am in panic mode...
  2. pitbull behavior
    My rescue pitbull Bert is about 18 months old. We've had him for almost 2 months. He seems older to me because he is not very "chewy" with stuff or overly playful. He's excited when he goes on walks or when someone comes over. He happily plays in the morning with our other dog. Other than that...
  3. General Discussion
    I am curious if reading your bully's body language is different from reading your other dogs. Scenario: Yesterday our ACO asked me to evaluate a 3 year old pit bull named Diesel. He was on a 10 day quarantine for a bite. The owners surrendered him, saying he was good with kids, cats, and other...
  4. General Discussion
    I'm trying to find a good breeder in WV, VA, or any state close. Right now I'm really trying to get a dog I can work with and turn into a beast. Also, what are some good bloodlines to look for?
  5. Weight Pulling
    ok so everyone should check out this facebook page.. this man has been working on making this movie for over 5 years and hes finally releasing teaser clips :woof: these are alot of my personal friends and dog peeps so everybody please show some love and support.. we are tring to do show the...
  6. Pictures
    Wasn't sure where to post these but, I thought these were very helpful for myself and thought they mightbe helpful for someone else.
  7. Health & Nutrition
    i was at the local feed store this week ( hang out spot for dogs). i had my male with me. my male is 9 months the sale guy there was trying to sale me this supplement body builder 4000 for dogs. has anyone use this before.
  8. General Discussion
    So I found this and thought it might be useful to someone. Argos seems perpetually stuck in 'Play Bow' mode, with a sprinkling of 'Baseline' and 'Alert' thrown in, just for fun.:woof:
  9. Conditioning
    does anybody have any good tips on a full body workout for pitbulls,there is a slow river by my house my dogs like jumping in there to get 10-15 lbs sticks,is that safe and is it a good workout,also running my dogs like to pull me on the bike is that a good workout?i try not to let them do it to...
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    Now before everyone gets up set I understand that most dogs have some level of da but while reading a book by colby they talked about some of the old game dogs being fine with other dogs and not even getting to excited in the box until the work had to be done and afterwards the dog would be just...
  11. Health & Nutrition
    Hi guys, I've been watching my cousin's dog while he is away camping and after 4 days, I've started to notice bumps on her body. I can't seem to remember if it was there before I started dog sitting or if she got them recently. I came to this forum to ask if this is normal (which I doubt) and...
  12. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I'm going to schedule an appointment to get some artwork done as soon as I narrow it down further. I want to get a tree or two. My ideas would be a english elm (because of the different trunk/root structure) and/or an White oak (southern oak also known for their shallow root systems). The Elm...
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Body Language Signs You Should be Aware of - SalesHQ Body Language Signs You Should be Aware of Knowing how to read body language is an incredibly great advantage for you. Just by careful observance, you can actually figure out what a person is thinking; or in some cases, trying to hide. This...
1-13 of 26 Results