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  1. Pictures
    Bogart loves his toys! Today my son and I took the dogs to play they had a good time here a just a few quick shots.
  2. Pictures
    My 10 year old daughter did all the work I just took the pictures ...
  3. Pictures
    I swear this boy get's sexier every day! I Wubbs him so much for a pup he sure talk's a lot of ish! Here is my boy in all his hotness. Auntie Lisa said she is gonna steal me when my mom comes to visit her ;) Look at me trying to stand proud just like the past dog's in my pedigree:) Mayday...
  4. Pictures
    Here is a video clip of Bogart's first time on the treadmill he actually did really well. It took about 2 times to get him to stay on it. I am proud of him GO BOGART!!! He is such a good boy Mommy Love's you daddy!!! Dailymotion - medium - a Animals video Here are some pics I included in the...
  5. Pictures
    Thought I'd show off his parent's. this one, omg, he looks almost like Riley<3<3<3 If I can I will see if he can take a few of Riley for me too. ^.^
  6. Pictures
    So Ava seems to be taking well to little bogart .. He can be a little pain in the a** But she seems to not mind playing with him. I think bogart just loves having a girlfriend twice his age lol ...:snog: So here they are
  7. Pictures
    Bogart went on his first vacation this past week .. We went to Illinois to visit family and we had a blast here are some pics of him
1-8 of 12 Results