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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 9 week old pup that loves chewing on bones. Can this be harmful to him that young of age?
  2. Health & Nutrition
    My boys pit might have to get surgery due to a torn acl, he also mentioned that his dog has a bad hip. Is that known to all pits to have a bad hip as they get older? His dog is 3 years old. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Health & Nutrition
    So I sent my husband out to get my kids birthday presents and of course being the proud happy new daddy to Bella my 6 week old puppy he comes home throws the presents at me and runs to Bella with a gift lol He bought her Nylabone DHA Omega-3 Puppy Healthy Edibles Lamb&Apple. I did not have a...
  4. General Discussion
    I'm not sure if this is normal, but Mason seems to have this upsidedown "V" on the top of his head. It's definitely his skull, not soft tissue. Is this normal? He will be 10 months old this month.
  5. Health & Nutrition
    I gave Abbey a marrow bone tonight. It was a glorious 40 minutes of occupied time for my little mischief maker!!! However, when I took it away from her (it's only the 2nd time she's had a bone), I noticed that there was a bit of a sharp edge. She's still got some marrow left in it, but I'm a...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Ok I know you not supposed to feed a puppy whole bones. But I was wondering if you should even give them small ones. I've given him some marrow none he does real well wit those. But I'm supper afraid to give him any type of chicken bone. I was just wondering on that. Should they be only ground...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    So my brothers genius of a girlfriend decided to give my almost 5 month old puppy a porkchop bone last night when i was taking a nap, and being a puppy he chewed it and must have swallowed part of it. it ended up getting stuck and i noticed late this afternoon and it is pretty small but he cant...
  8. General Discussion
    I have a friends that always wants to give leo a bone when i go to his house but i always tell him NO. Im wondering if he could have one maybe when his older??or Never??? Can i get some info plz?
  9. Pictures
    I saw some huge dog bones at the grocery store and I thought Loki would get a kick out of them...he lovedd his first one as you can see :) he even licked all the marrow out of it in one sitting! (sorry about the yucky quality, camera phone, :rain: I think he's still cute though! :pup:)
  10. Health & Nutrition
    By accident my 8 month old pup swallowed a 2 1/2 inch (guesstimate) rib bone yesterday afternoon. I'm really not sure what to think, he doesn't seem to be in pain at all, he's eating, and playing around outside something fierce. I figured this would go in the health section, any help would be great.
  11. Raw Foods
    I got a raw pernil bone(upper pork leg) with some meat still on it. Is it ok for her to chew/scrap the meat off? I don't feed her raw and this will be her first raw meat. She is 16 weeks. Is it ok?
  12. General Discussion
    My last dog was a bulldog mix that my gf fell in love with. and when i would give her a bone or anything to that matter we wouldnt eat it but bury it. i could stand there and watch her and she would stand still but if i looked away she went and burried it all over the yard. why did she do this...
  13. BSL Discussion
    Denver,CO -- Pit bull advocates gathered at a Golden park on a windy fall Saturday to argue against breed-specific legislation. Pointing primarily to the ban on pit bulls in Denver Ń which has resulted in more than 3,000 dogs killed by the city Ń the small group of advocates held signs and wore...
  14. Health & Nutrition
    i never gave onyx a raw femur bone b4. till now that is. i gave him a cooked one but i threw it out cuz it chipped his tooth. i found a raw one for sale the other day at the grocery store. he goes at it for like an hour in a half at a time. i take it away or he wont stop at all. i was wondering...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    She can't seem to leave it alone! she has been on it for hours but I am worried because she is chipping away at it and eating very small parts...should I worry? or is it ok?
  16. Health & Nutrition
    I'm going to switch the pups to raw tomorrow and I saw on another thread that they should have bone meal added to their rations... My grandpa said the hardware store next to the fertilizer... IDK if I feel comfortable feeding them something thats lumped up with the fertilizer.. someone please...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    So, I just gave my dog a pork hock. She ate it, loved it, whatever. Anyways, now her stomach seems weird. Its like its really, really full or something. My Dad said he thinks she's really full. She's not acting in distress or anything, but it is just weird, kinda has me worried. Any thoughts?
  18. Pictures
    Peanut with his first Beef femur...he was so excited :)
  19. Health & Nutrition
    I recently bought a medium sized rawhide bone for my 4 month old pit and i have noticed little bits of light pink on it and I've noticed a little blood from his gums. Is this normal and a part of teething or should I remove the bone from him. Thanks!
1-20 of 25 Results