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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    I got my boy Boomer from a rescue about a month and a half ago and I can't tell what he's mixed with, I'm thinking he might have some mastiff in him or something. Anyone out there able to tell?? The rescue said they think he's 3 years old. He weighs 70
  2. General Discussion
    So, boomer is an unaltered pit bull rescue. I know you must be wondering if he is a rescue from a shelter how is he not neutered? Well long story short when i got him he was sick and had to go on antibiotics for ten days and they dont operate on sick dogs so I took him home intact. I was...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello, this is my first post so if this has been spoken about a million times i apologize. So boomer is a rescue, I've had him for about six months now. Great with people loves to play.....but. I've noticed recently on our walks he has become increasingly a tiny bit aggressive with SOME dogs...
  4. Authorized Breeders
    If there are any family breeders trolling .... Here's a genetic phenom. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [458848] :: STANLEE'S ST ROSE OF VIETERBO I did all the hard work .. a 1930s bulldog right here and now.. shes produced a litter already and Im letting them go as well: twins. Male and Female. Rose...
  5. Pictures
    on 3-13-13 We said our final farewells to our Boomer. His cancer finally won, but not without a true bull dog fight... Boomer went out in a style all his, the night before he went to the vet for the final time, he took a nice walk through a favorite park then we had a BBQ just for him where his...
  6. Pictures
    Play with your friends, and even enemies, lifes too short to hold grudges Go for what you want, even if everyone else says it's impossible When your near water the best place to be, is in the water, no matter how shallow Show your spots with pride Enjoy every moment, you don't know if...
  7. Pictures
    Spring is trying to make it's way in...Had a nice day, so tortured the dogs with the ole camera. Jackie is turning into a nice young lady, she'll be one year sometime around July. Oh and on the subject of how you will never know what your shelter dog will be, Jackie was originally called a...
  8. Pictures
    Boomer and Jackie enjoying a ray of sun on the porch in between the rain showers today. No one tell, but i think Boomer may actually like Jackie :)
  9. Pictures
    A few new photos of Boom while up at the local school working on his "stay" He is in his fluffy winter size, 85lb at his vet visit last month, ugh... Completely healthy just a little more fluff than i like :) Mom, I hear kids!! Mom...Said...Stay..Can't..Hold..Much...Longer... Seriously mom...
  10. Pictures
    9 months tesing with chicken begging hates the lawn mower biggest rope bone i've seen
  11. Pictures
    Boomer Being Boomer!!!!
  12. General Discussion
    I dont know how many of yall own a Boomer Ball but i would highly suggest getting one. it is practically indestructible which is a good thing bkuz for our dogs its hard to find something that they can play with that they wont destroy in a matter of a few minutes. That being said, i just got...
  13. Pictures
    i was talked into adding a kitten into our ever growing furry family. my daughter, being the cat person of the family, got to choose her favorite kitten. she had the choice between two gorgeous siamese mixes and well, the one we now have... introducing Dexter... "get my good side" "that dog...
  14. Pictures
    met up with some friends and family and thier dogs at the river yesterday...what a group of dogs LOL!! Boomer(pitbull), Gracie(st bernard/shepard), Buck(greatdane/lab/akita/pit), Cleo(pit/lab/chow etc...) and Magnum(am staff)... Magnum didn't get to play much because he had some issues with the...
  15. Pictures
    Happy third birthday Boomer!! "I can haz my cake now?" "Yummerz!!" "OK, i sharez wif my frendz" "Bruver dance pretty for his peez" and just enjoyin some cake is there some left??
  16. Pictures
    Been a while, thought i'd get you some new pictures of the boys Nytro Smile Nytro waitin for his ball(this dogs crack) "Now thats a tongue!!" Boomer and his Rogue river fun!! Bwahahahaha!! and one more of Nytro out at the river and Boom playing in the backyard with daddy lil video of...
  17. Bloodline Discussion
    i have pup with chinaman x bolio x boomer bloodline. i know about china and bolio,but i dont know much about boomer if anyone has info about it i would be thankful if you'll help me
  18. Pictures
    Some crazy puppy ears.... Nytro lookin good... and some Boomer.... have you had your v8 today??
  19. Pictures
    just some smileys and goodens of Boomer this one always makes me laugh Boomer and his best bud Gracie
  20. Pictures
    yeah it's a rock, and yep it's under water and yes he loves to sit on it... and his ultimate favorite, when he can dive for a rock
1-20 of 21 Results