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    2 year old close to 100 lbs Very lean. Protect the family good.
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    Boss playing with my brother and enjoying the weather.
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    Lol. This fool looks like he has rabies.
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    Hey everyone. I havent been around in a bit! Too long. Anyhow, i thought I'd share some pics of this big 1 year old. Hope everyone is well!
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    Just wanted to post a few new pics of Boss.
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    57 pounds, 16 inches tall, enjoying the beautiful weather over the weekend. :)
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    Hes has no shame. Lol.
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    Sleeping in my friends legs :D
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    .... I absolutely love this picture of Boss and my wife:roll: ....Man best friend:woof: ... I think we both had gotten tired by the time the recording started...will upload some in home videos of Boss soon:hammer:
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    Hello everyone, this is Boss and his dad Champ, Again, we called the ADBA last week, and they informed that it will be 4-6 wks. before his papers arrive, but nevertheless, we are so excited:) because we get alot of questions about Boss and his parents. ( bloodline, ect...) and to be honest, we...
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    We had such a good time with our baby today, we wanted to share a few pic's of him, he's 7 months old today:love:
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    Hello everyone, With the permission of Jacmar1229, we wanted to share with the community a photo of our two babies, that have striking resemblances, we are both new here, but thought it would be cool to share this photo grid of the boys:) :welcome: :pupruns: :cheers:
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    Heres a few updated pictures of my lil big man..
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    After viewing several amazing photos:) we thought we would add a few pic's of boss when he was a little younger:cop: We have truly found a community thats very informative and educational on the many things thats rewarding to our small family:D ...My Protector:angel:
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    Just a few new pics of our boy boss remind you he's only 3 months old the 27th of this month and already weighs almost 30 pounds....Ill even post a pic of his on the scale to prove it lol.
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    He is 11 weeks old and weighs 25 pounds, Im not sure if thats a good thing or not haha
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    I just wanted to take a quick moment to show off some more Boss pics and with Odin this time :D Boss is an 8 month old pup that i am fostering and for those who dont know him Odin is my fatty in burgundy Nizmo collar. LOL :cheers: the Boss man! "oh whats up here?" love Odin's derp face in...