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    Well I snapped a few pics the other day figured I would share! We all know how ruff they play! Sometimes I think they forget I live here too... Oh and this is boss's version of "Lay Down" I think he is a littler over dramatic.
  2. Pictures
    Here is my gotti/gaff boy, he is 5 months today. He is white with blue cow spots, he has funny lookin ears, I just got him recently. Is it possible they might go down? Or what are my options about his ears. He is UKC regged. Weighed him today at 44 lbs.
  3. Pictures
    here are some pics of my red nose Boss
  4. Pictures
    Here are some new pics of Boss
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  6. General Discussion
    I will have in 1 hour. Sweet as f*****g nut! Can`t wait geezers and geezettes!!:cheers: