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  1. General Discussion
    hey guys its been a super long time since I have been online here. all is well and nahla is now 4 years old. man time flys. things are good and she has totally been a great family pet. just need a little help from some of you guys. i came across this clip in youtube and was wondering if you...
  2. Pictures
    welp, here it is!! Some of you asked for more pix of my new pup, and i finally uploaded some!! she's so adorable, and i LOVE her, haha! only a lil bit over 15 weeks old!! :) is she not the cutest?!?!? hahah
  3. General Discussion
    I have a male already and I want another dog. should i get a female or another male. is DA bound to happen?
  4. General Discussion
    finally got another pickup. lil'man hates to ride in the explorer,guess he cant get as much wind in his face.anyways he looks like a young buck again ridin in the bed.kinda nice to dont get all the slobbers all over me either.lol.
  5. Pictures
    LOL...Pacino been asking for a mini photo session lately...he heard all the love I been showin that boy Benny Blanco...so here we go... :) Enjoyin the smell of fresh pine trees... The school is right across the street from my corner house...so we got plenty of room to go play...
  6. General Discussion
    How do u keep bloodline extremely tight going 7 plus generations
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Chicken Formula Chicken, Organic Barley, Organic Rice, Organic Milo, Organic Oats, Organic Ground Flax Seed, Chicken Meal, Organic Brown Rice, Chicken Fat (Naturally Stabilized With Mixed Tocopherols, Citric Acid And Rosemary), Organic Carrots, Organic Potatoes...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    ugh! taco bell + baby= no love!!!! I havent felt good really all day but just now ended up getting sick for the first time with this one. hoping it wont be all that bad and it will only be once in a blue moon thing like it has been. is there anything I could take to ease my stomach when this...
  9. Pictures
    Hey guys, Here are some pictures of my babies. Unfortunately, Rhino the blue brindle pitbull, our recent rescue got adopted out Sunday. :( He was such a sweeeeeeeet dog. But he got a GREAT loving home so I'm happy to hear that. Its tough fostering dogs. It worked out great though! :) Anyway...
  10. Health & Nutrition
    ok i have dixie and i dont know if she ever had her shots she might be around 2 yrs old is it safe to give her 7 in 1 shots all three rounds again not at the same time of course but just like you would a puppy i wish i knew if she ever had em b4
  11. General Discussion
    ok so I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not, lol. I know I was always told the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked, so here it is. My girl Penny, who is almost 5 months seizure free, LOVES the springpole. I can pull up numerous videos of her just hanging on it. And...
  12. Health & Nutrition
    Ok bears nose is wet and cold and Kaiyas nose is dry dry not at all wet.... this concerns me but she shows no signs of a cold or URI she isnt coughing sneezing or anything, the only thing is when she wakes up in the morning she has a little bit of eye discharge but nothing crazy and its only...
  13. Positive Pitbull News
    As of January 18, 2008 The United Kennel Club is pleased to announce its list of top dog breeds for 2007. This list, based on UKC registration figures, reflects the Performance Dog philosophy that is the backbone of United Kennel Club. Truly - "Our Dogs Do Stuff!" 2) Pitbull Terrier United...
1-14 of 18 Results