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  1. Vendor Deals
    Have an aggressive chewer who destroys even the most durable toy just by looking at it? Your dogs are going to love the Super Chewer subscription box and so will you. I am always on the hunt for toys that my dogs won't destroy. Even though they are both medium-sized dogs, they're both lab mixes...
  2. Pictures
    Veronica Lynn Pit Bull LOVES Bark Box! - YouTube
  3. Do-it-Yourself
    We came up with this idea, and can't believe we hadn't thought of it sooner. Some of you may have already had this idea, but I haven't heard of anyone else using it. If you know anyone who's deep freezer has gone out call dibs if they no longer want it. The lighter weight Chest style works...
  4. Obedience Training
    Most days I think Ecko might have the same intelligence level as a box of rocks. Then he does something completely amazing and I realize he's just a pain in the arse. LOL!! I make him lay down and wait before eating. The night before last I didn't feel like waiting. I filled his dish when he...
  5. Pictures
    We build our first whelping box for Ginger and I have been sleeping in it with her for the past week, hopefully her pups will come out this weekend and this madness can stop, my back aches! It will also be my very first litter so I am super psyched. I hope you guys like the box, Ginger likes it...
1-5 of 28 Results