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  1. Health & Nutrition
    We have 2 9-1/2 year old ABD/APBT mix dogs. About 7 weeks ago one of them had a weird issue where he got unsteady on his feet, vomited and urinated in the house right in front of me. It was like he suddenly became incontinent. Any time we’d go to pet his head he would flinch. We thought...
  2. Pictures
    So these are my boys. First is my FatMan. He's six. He's been my buddy since I was fifteen. A friend of mine bought him from a "breeder" who tried to claim he was gotti and razors edge (what a laugh). Her parents wouldn't let her keep him so I decided I'd keep him temporarily. Six years later...
  3. Pictures
    Lump and Slim doing what they do best. ;)
  4. Pictures
    They had fun looking at ducks and walking and smelling new stuff!
  5. Pictures
    Sorry have not been very active been so busy and seriously what feels like a couple days turns into months lol.... Dogs are all doing amazing and Pep has done a 180 since my ex moved out , she is a new dog so happy and playful... the dog who never played with a toy in 4 years now plays fetch...
  6. Pictures
    Can't let my wife have all the fun lol figured now that my phone lets me on the sight easier I could share some stuff See he's not that fat lol he's my boy he's got a real strong bond to me I love it He is such a sweet heart very attached to his mommy Every now and then they both sit still...
  7. Pictures
    its hilarious... they hate baths, when it is raining they whine when they have to go outside, but when we get to the river i cannot get them to leave!
  8. Pictures
    Kirby is now 11 months old and becoming more and more handsome every day. The foster kid, he should be leaving Thursday. Happy yet sad to let him go Kahne: Cheeks: And our trip to the Cape a few weeks ago. Thanks for looking!
  9. Pictures
    My wife and i were blessed with the opportunity to buy or first home last month. The pups are adjusting to the change, but doing great with staying in the yard without a fence when supervised and being tethered when we're unable to watch. This is just a picture of them in the backyard when i got...
  10. General Discussion
    I've done a lot of reading about gameness and prey drive and I promise my brindle bulldog is extremely game and his prey drive is insane. I've never seen a bulldog quite like him. This little dog has so much heart and fight he won't quit.
  11. Pictures
    Kane is 9 months and my human son is 2.....super cute!
  12. pitbull behavior
    My fiance and I got two pit boys when they were 3 weeks old. I bottle fed them, took care of them when they were sick, made sure I kept them alive and babied them as if they were humans. They're getting bigger now and it's becoming apparent that they're pit bulls. My fiance is the one with all...
  13. General Discussion
    i have two 5 yr old pit males, both of which are intact. ive had these awesome guys since they were 8 weeks old. since 12/21 they have had 4 altercations, of course had to be physically seperated. thank god for someone being here other than just me. I am about at my wits end. I really have...
  14. Pictures
    ok so here are a few pics of a couple of the boys today after we got done working.. they are loving this 40 degree weather. Teardrop Tater Tonka Dirty Thanks for looking :D
  15. General Discussion
    Lately Dre and Diesel have been after Daisy like she is in heat, but shes spayed... Diesel is the worst.. trying to mount her, but she keeps putting him in his place..lol.. what makes them do this? Pretty sure this is why they got into it recently
  16. Pictures
    My two boys. first picture is of my new boy Draygo, he is a 1 yr old brindle pit. The other is my dog Vito which is a 4 yr old rednose. They are both very loving and awesome dogs. wouldnt change them for the world. :love2::love2:
1-16 of 108 Results