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    Before anybody asks, no i have not cropped his ears! he lost it in a ruck! This dog is amazing! I will start pulling him soon, Brad is 10 months. He is now 21.5" tall weighs 52lb and can run like f**k! He hit 28mph on Saturday, and is so damn agile. I got him for next to nothing. I would...
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    This tight b*****d is already pulling 1550lb! He is a only 45lb, 11 months old but strong as hell! I saw his dad compete last year and my god, what a puller! I`m picking him up over the weekend hopefully.. His name is D-Bol, check his pics out:thumbsup...
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    Well... He has now had 5 baths and his 1st skin scrape since he was first diagnosed. His results returned negative:roll: He now has to have another scrape which will go deeper in a fortnight, then has baths once every fortnight Fingers crossesd eh? Bleeding mites! Anyone elses pit had demodex?
1-3 of 4 Results