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    He`s lost muscle tone, since he`s been away, just gotta start his routine again. Still a hyper boy though and very friendly, just so damn male dog aggressive! The day i got him back he went berserk at Chico my Bandogge. Bearing in mind Chico is 88lb and Brad is bang on 50lb, i couldn`t believe...
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    Here is Brad at 11 months old back in April of this year. He is now 22" at the shoulder and 54lb I love this dog, he is so damn athletic. Clears 7ft fences standing still with absolute ease. Seeing this dog in the flesh is simply absorbing. His breeding is Pit/Irish staff
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    My Choc nose tri-colour is now 17 weeks. I`ve done an up to date measurement of him plus his weight. He now stands 18" at the shoulder, 31lb, 16" head, 13" neck. He is very leggy, which makes him look a little skinny. Is his height above average for a 4 month old pup?
1-3 of 5 Results