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  1. Pictures
    Hi guys, I have an 11 month that is much smaller in height than the average pitbull, weighing 68lbs. He has a lot of excess skin and hasn't seem to be growing in size for about 3 months already. Really just trying to figure out what breed he may be crossed with? Help please. Ps. First time...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Can u identify the dog breed Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    My friend give me this dog telling me that she is a pitbull but i dont think she is a pitbull because her head size is too small for being a pitbull Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk
  4. General Discussion
    Here are some pics when she was small and when she is 1 year old Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk
  5. Pictures
    Hello i have a beautiful female pitbull of 6 years old she is a bit smaller and thinner than usual pitbull because i found her at a young age malnurished and abused in the street ? could you please tell me what kind if pitbull is she ? im sonfused there are many types and very similar
  6. General Discussion
    Hi, I am new and I wanted to see if I shared some info and pics if I could get some feedback. I bought my puppy from a local guy and the father of the litter is UKC registered Purple Ribbon APT also considered XL American Bully with bloodlines, he is 110 LBS but I thought APT were not over 70...
  7. Pictures
    Got him when he was real young 5 weeks old (I didn't know back then much about dogs, I now know separating a puppy before 8 weeks isn't good) , now he's 18 weeks! I'm hoping he can be a good catch dog, even if he ends up being a cur I'll love him tho. Soon enough I'll be getting a game APBT, as...
  8. General Discussion
    I was looking thru my local animal shelters website to see if they had a lot of bull breed type dogs and they did, but something that bothered me is that most of them are labeled as American PitBull Terriers, which obviously they're not, the only block heads that aren't labeled APBT are they...
  9. General Discussion
    Hello everybody. I just got a wonderful present. I was told it is a pitbull and wanted to know if anybody can tell me how do I make sure it is one. I was told she is 4 months old. Also I'm getting ready to get her a health check procedure to the vet. She is very friendly and smart. Playing all...
  10. General Discussion
    Hello-- what other breed am I mixed with?
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    I adopted her last year from my son's friend who was homeless and going to take her to the pound I could not allow that to happen... She is loveable and the light of my day her name is Mallory Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  12. Pitbull Articles
    I know hes half american pitbull terrier and i tgink american bulldog but im not sure what do you guys think? Sent from my SM-S337TL using Tapatalk
  13. General Discussion
    Looking for large breed pitbulls with a lot of game. I know most would say 45-55 lbs. But thats small foe what I want to start breeding. Any info.. that can educate me on how to start my own blood line would be helpful. An please no blues thank you.
  14. Pictures
    My 6 month old pup is already 80lbs! Both his parents are purple ribbon. He's white and blue with grey blue eyes. He's so lovely and sweet.
  15. BSL Discussion
    If you live in Massachusetts or know anyone who does, please ask them to consider emailing or calling their representatives about these bills in the MA Legislature introduced by Senator Gobi (S 533) and Representative Lewis (H 554). You can find your legislator here. S 533 / H 554: "An Act...
  16. Pit Bull Legal News
    What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Wine Taste? And don't forget to take the quiz! ~Petguide.com
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Dog's got some runny poops sometimes. Stool tested and negative for any disease. Looking to switch to Orijen to see if he has better results. Currently on Acana Large Breed Puppy Notice Orijen has large breed puppy food, and regular puppy. My dog's projected weight seems to be smack dab in the...
  18. Pictures
    I cant upload a photo :/ its telling me to put in the URL for it and i cant work out how to lol
  19. Bloodline Discussion
    So we found gus when he was only a couple months old, he was walking down the street and we took him home. We posted him in the paper, fliers, the telnet, etc. To have no responces. 3 years later were here and I'm interested in trying to find out what breed about he is. I know that without his...
1-20 of 358 Results