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  1. General Discussion
    Hi, I have just own the male and female pit-bull in the last month. I have just adopt them from my near shelter, they are young, but some how adjust in my home. But now I am afraid, last day they are just stuck during mating. I don't have any experience of the dog mating. I have just search on...
  2. General Discussion
    How y'all doing today? Just trying to get some advice. So my girl Nala, started her heat cycle on the June 6, and my boy Diesel has been a little more active around her, playing trying to mount. Obviously she isn't ready yet so she will stop him from properly mounting her. Nala is 16 months old...
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Hi so this is probably in the wrong section but i just made an account and cant figure out how to create a post. Im looking for information on breeding and the problems from breeding a pocket pit with a blue nose pit. the pocket pit being the male. I recently got a rescue pit that is a blue...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    What are your thoughts. Both lines are solid and do share some ancestry.
  5. General Discussion
    Hello, my female tied twice with a male 6 days in between ties. Is there still a good chance of pregnancy? This is our first time breeding so this is new to us. Please no negative responses.
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    Okay, a friend is a hobby byb. My old mutt was lonely and acting like she was on her last leg and he gave me a puppy. I raised the puppy and my old dog has plenty of life left in her, she likes puppies and dog companionship. But the mom of the puppy was a bit too game, there was fight over a...
  7. General Discussion
    I am looking to Breed my 20month old UKC registered blue fawn 90lb pit. I am completely new to the breeding thing, how do you go about finding people that want to breed to him and how much do you charge ? Any info would be greatly appreciated! (I attached a few pics of him from about 3 months ago)
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    I do NOT want to spay my female bull mix. I also do NOT have any plans to breed my pup now or in the near future. Why is this so frowned upon? Hear me out... from my understanding, spaying is the removal of the dogs ovaries, a sexual organ which produces hormones, primarily estrogen while also...
  9. General Discussion
    How old should a male pit be to breed?
  10. General Discussion
    Hello to all the APBT lovers out there!, I am new to this forum although I have been reading several of these posts for years now. To start with my question, I wanna give a little background information. I co-own an APBT female dog with my mother because I received her as a Christmas gift...
  11. General Discussion
    What type of pit should i breed my blue fawn pit with to get beautiful colors?
  12. General Discussion
    I want to start off saying I am not breeding for color! I have a brindle blue fawn female, my cousin has a blue tri male. When my female turns 2 we will be breeding them. I was just curious about what colors I could get. My females father is a blue tri male, her mom was standard brindle (I am...
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey All, I'd like for someone to give me a synopsis/brief history, main characteristics and traits of the following bloodlines preferably in the following format. Chevy: Dagger: Chamelot: Greyline: Iron Cross: Razor's Edge The kennels I have been looking at predominantly have these...
  14. Pictures
    New to this forum looking for some sound advice. I bred for about 6 or 7 years with a particular line and some things started to show that I wasn't fond off so I stopped breeding. (I've had Pits around for about 25 year...since I was about 5 or 6.) I figured out where I went wrong I wasn't...
  15. General Discussion
    I have a 13 month APBT. I use the term loosely, as I understand she has some Amstaff in her ped. She is a UKC conformation champion, and we will begin weight pull training when I receive her harness from Missy. We are waiting on OFA preliminary results for hips and elbows. All that being said...
  16. General Discussion
    Hi go pitbull, my name is Josh and I just joined the site for support and information. Happy to see so many others not following reputation from media!! Okay, so to the point, I have a 6 year old female and she has been bred once. Long story short, bred her January 2014, the hooked up one time...
1-16 of 157 Results