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  1. Pictures
    ok lol well i kinda missed posting up pics of Breeze so well im sorry if i get abit carried away..lol.. Playing with my lil bro sorry i just had to put this pic up..lmao let me tell you something Jirah..."you are a lil cutie" hehehe why thankyou Breeze.. Breeze dont be sad you are...
  2. Pictures
    YAAAY!! i manged to upload a video of Breeze..lol.. its not long but ohwell..lol..
  3. Pictures
    Breeze Breeze At The Lake New Years Night Out On the Beach. Breeze In Her Whole That She Dug Then I Had The Pleasure Of Filling It Back In..lol.. Posing Hardout..lol.. Posing after our play
  4. Pictures
    Breezie Gurl Is Now 8 Months..:D:D Hope You Enjoy Them As Much As I Enjoyed Taken Them..:D:D These Pics Were Taken At The Park Yesterday Before It P!ssed Down With Rain..lol..I Dont Know But I Always Get Carried Away When I Got A Camera In My Hand & When Breeze Is Around..lol..I Cant Get Sick...
  5. Pictures
    just thought id share some more updated pics of Breezie Girl who is now 6 months..:D:D
1-5 of 5 Results