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  1. Pictures
    soooo pretty soon it'll be time to bring home our little kings , me and my boyfriend are going to do a little pre shopping for the puppies , any suggestions on what and where to find some great stuff for our little guys ? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. General Discussion
    I will finally be bringing home my puppy on the 18th. Besides feed, food/water bowls, a crate, and patience. What else can you guys tell me that i would need to have ready for his home coming? Also when do you guys give shots, the seller told me he was given his first round of shots. he will be...
  3. Obedience Training
    This is my first post. Adopting a 6 month old male pit, waiting on process now (shots, neutering etc.) Any suggestions, things to look out for, best working techniques. The goal is a dog and people friendly, well trained standout of a dog. Got any feedback?
  4. General Discussion
    Hi! I am about to bring this puppy home.. She is about 5 months old. She this beautiful pit, white with black spots and blue eyes. She is however completely deaf. I have another 7 year old female pit at home and a 3 year old Yorkie that belongs to my sister. My female is usually good with...
  5. General Discussion
    would it be okay if i bring a 2 month old male puppy home with my 10 month old male? will they butt heads? or get along? what are some pros and cons. thanks in advance
  6. Pictures
    Ok... trying to bring down the tree... lol She stripped off many sticks. lol That was a lot of work....
  7. The Family Room
    Since I will be bringing my lil man home from the hospital in a few days I wanted to know how to make this transition easier for Helena. I don't anticipate any problems. The biggest problem I do anticipate is her becoming overly excited because I will be gone for a couple of days. We have...
  8. General Discussion
    Adopt a Weimaraner: Smokey: Petfinder he would be my second adopted dog from a shelter (in this case the dog pound) I just hate to see dogs in these situations.. i've been thinking about it for awhile now and I may see how he is with my other dogs and maybe bring him home with me... if it were...
  9. General Discussion
    Sorry for the scary title but my friend is coming over pretty much now. My pup hasn't been to nice around other dogs, mainly small hairy ones(like poodles). The people in the building haven't given her a chance and one even complained cause she snapped at her dog when she was 12 weeks old...
  10. General Discussion
    BUMP FOR THE CHAT http://www.chatzy.com/935357792811 pits420
1-10 of 10 Results