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    Pennsylvania state law prohibits breed specific legislation. It would be wise to politely remind the city officials of Bristol to take a look at Reading, PA and the court ruling that overturned their breed specific ordinance. Next council meeting: December 13, 7 PM, at Borough Hall. Bristol...
  2. General Discussion
    Way to go THOR!!!! You da man!!! What a great representative of the breed. I'm sure that this will make the front page news (dripping with sarcasm);) BSL spun headline: Viscious pit bull sees opportunity to maul baby during a horrific family fire!!!!
  3. Pictures
    I just thought I'd post a few pics of my dog Bristol to introduce him to everyone. He's 4.5 months old. Here he is before just over 8 weeks old: Bristol (the one with the collar on) is playing with his siblings: Bristol at almost 10 weeks old: Bristol at almost 16 weeks old: Bristol now...