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  1. Pictures
    not real awsome quality but nice for progress pics
  2. Pictures
    1st vid is brocks final allowed pull this weekend , 2nd vid is his crazy rear trying lure.. he was nuts for it!
  3. Pictures
    some pics taken by Donna Haynes a bit ago .. cant post em directly so here is a link. they came out super nice James - DonnaHaynes' Photos
  4. Pictures
  5. Pictures
    DRAT!!! Nevermind on the pics until I figure out just how to work Picasa. Darn it...
  6. Pictures
    He needs cardio. :woof: The video is 5 minutes, but Brock was having loads of fun.
  7. Pictures
    as soon as i let him out he goes to the same spot he gets mad i only let him do it a few times a week bing hes still a baby! cant wait till i can really work him
  8. Pictures
    just outside , tired after a long walk. brock dont quite have the man - sid down but hes only 10 months old today! man sit take practice:woof: one of sid cuz brock usually gets all the love
  9. Pictures
    havnt posted any in a bit .. here we go..
  10. Pictures
    Well we took brock to show again last weekend . he didnt place but he had fun !
  11. Pictures
    well brock got enough points to finish champion today got beat in bow by one of howard burgess dogs but did great on his 1st show . i hope next show there is more thna a handfull of dogs for brock to be compaired with.
  12. Pictures
    This is King's little brother. He is 9 months old. And here are two when he was younger...
  13. Pictures
    this its the first time brock pull weight,he start pulling with 8lbs. lol its not that much i hope everybody like this pictures and happy easter everybody
  14. Pictures
    hi here is brock(brindle) and dolce(fawn) playing
  15. Health & Nutrition
    hi my pit its 11 months and weigth 52 lbs. can somebody tellme if that its a good weigth
  16. Pictures
    hi my name is axel i have 10 months old pit he weigths 54lbs, and we are new here
1-18 of 20 Results