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    here is a vid of brockstar on his final pull of the weekend , hes super tired but he gets it done .. a lil over 1700 lb on wheels and carpet . i was proud since he pulled more than any other dog in his class after not being in the harness for several months! cant wait for his health tests when...
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    training with Great Lakes Working Dog club . the training coordinator is Mr Ronnie Weiss. He is a awsome guy and everyone in the club is super awsome! We had a blast . Brock tried to pull my arms off lol. He and i are both totally spent a i type this!
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    this is his last try of the day before i withdrew him. he coulda done more but hes just a baby yet and it was super hot today. It was a fun show and the people that run it wer all very very nice! If you get a chance to come to one of these , i suggest you go. local clubs like this need all the...
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    ok so Brock had his 1st shows today and won his call both times , and one best of variety .. then lost the second best of variety to his sister bebe. he is just 8 months old and halfway to champion
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    Well , we took Brock to the dog park today. Being winter we figured it would be somewhat unpopulated . He had a blast ! He met some new friends and did awsome with all of them . his friend Rome was not a good pitbull tho and started a fight . brock turned away and came back to us ! Very awsome day !
1-5 of 5 Results