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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Just bought puppy snd i find out mom and dad are brother and sister.should i be concerned
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    What are your thoughts. Both lines are solid and do share some ancestry.
  3. Pictures
    Mac and Nickle wrestling ^^YouTube video of them^^ Yin and Yang. Mac and Nickle wrestling, ha!
  4. Pictures
    Meet Oliver or Tucker (we haven't decided yet.) We pick him up on Saturday!
  5. Pictures
    So Oreo hasn't seen his brother Judge since they were only a few weeks old. Judge was the runt of the litter and their mom wasn't taking care of him so he went to his owner early. His owner happens to be a really good family friend of ours, so we went to see them today. I got a few pictures...
  6. Pictures
    So, apparently I'm the only Pit Bull person in my family. I wanted to get another dog, and my husband insisted on a small dog lol. We ended up with Bruce, an 8 week and 6 day old (3/15/12) Miniature Poodle. His name is all thanks to my 4 year old Batman fan ;) Couple of pictures then I will get...
  7. Pictures
    I couldn't say no. My friend's friend owned the mom and the mom was getting real sick. They took her and the 7 pups to the vet. The vet said the mom had mastitis and so they treated the mom but since the pups were 5 weeks, they pulled the pups off and started feeding strictly hard food mixed...
  8. Pictures
    P.P. loves Dosia so much. :) He's been cuddling up to him at night when we watch movies :) :rofl: P. wants to be a dog so bad lol.
  9. Pictures
    Got some cute shots of Revel and Renic last night. hope its ok to share pics of non pits! "This is MY world Renic!!!!" Revel, 4 1/2 months Big brother watchin over Porkchop! :) and one of my ever watchful guardian Renic. thanks for looking!
  10. General Discussion
    Never saw anything like this before. I was leading my male out of the front door as my Brother was getting out of his car about 200 ft away. My dog had never seen him before. The dog saw him before I did, (I was fooling with the door lock... so he got no cue from me) ...instantly alerted...
  11. General Discussion
    Im not gonna go into crazy detail but long story short my brother is moving back in from Arizona to California until he can get on his feet and get a place out here, which is all good but he has a cat... i personally do not have problems with cats, but im more worried about how my dog is going...
  12. General Discussion
    I been keeping my brother dog for about 2 weeks. She started to come in heat since last wednesday that when i notice blood comeing from her lady part. I took my male dog over my friend house dont wont any puppies. Is it ok to bring my male back once she stop bleeding
  13. Pictures
    unfortunately I didnt have luna with me { we had pep} but they couldnt play cause she in heat , so she was in the van . We had cali too and they got to meet quickly. But I think he is gorgeous, Luna is a bit taller but he is thicker { like a male should be IMO } a couple of pep in the van ...
1-15 of 46 Results