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  1. Health & Nutrition
    We always thought she just got car sick because we'd notice her heavy drooling and then vomiting but tonight we put her in the car and before the car even got started up she started her heavy drooling. So yeah I have no idea what to do about this or if its some kind of health problem
  2. Pictures
    went out to my gmas for Mothers Day and a couple of my cousins brought their dogs.. littermates to Diesel.. had i known they would bring them i would have brought Diesel to come hang out... you'll probably wonder how Diesel was part of the litter.. lol the big boy w/ the half white face is...
  3. Pictures
    Mac Daddy and Candy girl :) They got to meet for the first time, we had technical difficulties and Bernie hurt his paw playing in the snow :(
  4. Pictures
    Lex vs. his arch nemesis The Phone book - test one of leaving him out of the crate during an errand Milo & Ali watching the lizards Milo being a lazy bum My Sandypoos - going on 11 this year Me & my Boi Thanks for looking! :)
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f286/dragonmark/h22/ H22-ported polished, shaved deck, machined and balanced to 13000rpm Valve angles ACT clutch 10 pound fly wheel 96 prelude intake .............so much time and money and I bet my 86 mustang gt is still going to spank him...lol
  6. Pictures
    ok so this past Sat was my boy, Orion's 1st b-day. I had 2 of his littermates over, atlas - the red pup & Achilles - the black pup. They are all such good friends and have played together since they were little. Everyone lese with a pup was busy that day and the black female has moved to...
  7. Pictures
    [img=http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/3220/sniperfamilyni5.th.png] some of many
  8. Pictures
    The little one is Felony at 6 weeks old. The blue is Gotti at a little bit over a year and the brindle is Kapone at a year and a half. Ive added 2 new pictures. 1 of Felony at 11 weeks and the other of Felony and Gotti playing in the living room.
  9. General Discussion
    malie is watchdog and yellow john . Gage is , well i forgot what he told me and her is one of them both. hope yall enjoy these pics.
1-12 of 14 Results