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  1. General Discussion
    A facebook group told me my pit looked like a liver color. She appears black indoors usually, but in any bright light or sunlight, she takes on kind of a "bronze" glow. I don't think she's liver or chocolate. Any ideas? I figured you guys would be more knowledgeable about this color and could...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    I have an all white female. A while ago i noticed a few brown dots on her head that I was pretty certain wasnt there before. Since then the same brown dots began to spread across her body. Does anyone have an idea what it might be? I gave her a bath in oatmeal shampoo and the dots did not turn...
  3. General Discussion
    Edited to clarify that it's not the breeders who called the pup "bluenose", it was me ))) They said it was a blue puppy (as in coat), not a bluenose puppy. TL;DR Should a blue puppy have a blue skin? And is a coat of blue puppies brown with a grey gloss or should it actually be dark grey...
  4. Pictures
    I haven't posted my girl Jade since I got her in November! Time flies! She's on the smaller side of my dogs (which I like!) She only weighed in at 24lbs at 5 months... guessing she will be in the 30's full grown. I will post a few pics of her growing over the past few months! Here she is about...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Can anyone tell me why my blue furred pitt's fur has turned from silver/blue to a brownish? Hes 9 months old now. When I first bought him (6 weeks old) he was a pretty silver/blue then about 2 months ago his fur started turning brown. I have another blue furred pitt that is only 3 months old...
  6. Pictures
    Hi Everyone. My puppy is not a puppy anymore, but sure still acts like one. Brown grew up to be a loving and very relaxed dog! He does a lot of "speaking" honestly I've heard him make so many different noises, from a whine to the sound a monkey would make. and I kid you not, the "gah" sound. In...
  7. Pictures
    Bruiser 5months Rico 1 and a half Let me know what you guys think, Just made my account today and im looking forward to getting to know all of you :)
  8. Pictures
    I love playing with my big brown bear, hes such a fun goof ball :love2: Look what i haz a little game of tug, an his ears look croped you can kinda see his muscles kinda blurry but he looks like a bunny in this pic LOL he loves his bear I canz catch him, tired after running around...
  9. Pictures
    We had a photographer come to town to take pictures of different breeds for Brown Trout Calendars. She took pictures of Border Terriers, Wheaten Terriers, and Labradors. Several of my friends suggest she call me because we had many great looking APBT's. So we went out and took pictures with...
  10. Pictures
    Brown is 5 months old. I'm not 100% sure of the breed. Looks like APBT. What do you guys think he is?
  11. Pictures
    Just wanted to share a few shots of my boy wearing his new harness. I highly recommend this harness.
  12. Health & Nutrition
    My 15 month old has brown scbby/flakey spots on his tummy, rear inner thighs, and arm pits. Not sure what they are but when they flake off the hair comes with it. The come and go but I want to know what it is and if there is a way to prevent it. Someone help please :confused:
  13. Health & Nutrition
    So recently my dog developed(overnight) a bunch of circles on her skin. They're reddish/black and all are mostly perfect circles. She's on advantage for fleas and ticks, and my first thought was flea dirt. But I've never seen flea dirt in perfect circles. Also recently the other dogs in the...
  14. Pictures
    This forums for those who love there brindles and crazy coloring but still make a perfect pet. Show off your brindle to the world!!!!
  15. The Pitbull Lounge
    I can't stand this guy every time he opens his mouth about the breed he spews unfactual garbage I always tell myself I'm done watching his show but everytime I see an episode with pitbull in the description I can't help myself to watch it's like a car crash or something . Sometimes I wish I...
  16. Pictures
    Post up pics of your brown/red pits!
  17. General Discussion
    Today on Judge Joe Brown there was a case where a ladys pit got out under the fence by digging a hole and had bit the neighbors lap dog. Judge Joe Brown immediately asks her why she would even own a pitbull when she has kids in the house and she explained how here kids had grown up with the dog...
1-17 of 21 Results