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  1. Pictures
    Hi. Bruce is an 8 month old blue nose pit. Hes my first dog and I love him. Hes really sweet and tolerant. I sleep with him and spend most of my time with this pup. My best friend is getting big!
  2. Pictures
    8 weeks yesterday.. He is super comfortable around here and loves the gramma dog!! So far a fine representation of his blood :woof: We'll be seeing more of this dude around!! So please welcome 'Bruce Wayne' aka 'Batman' to the Fam -
  3. Pictures
    Rescued Bruce from a broken home and Was told he's a Gator blood Pit bull. Feel free to lend your opinions on if he looks full bread, Mixed with something or What not so I can Know what to tell people when they meet him.
  4. Pictures
    Breath of Fresh Air Jungle Tiger! Frowns
  5. Pictures
    He's already 4 months old and 30 lbs, what a pup :D
  6. Pictures
    Here's his momma His Papa (hard to see bc he's so dark) And Finally Bruce! (his brothers came out black and white, he was the odd one lol)
  7. Pictures
    Hold on tight RAWR yay
  8. Pictures
    Hi! this is Bruce, New to the Forum:roll: Crop Stance Power Stride http://i1059.photobucket.com/albums/t429/Pedroximo/2012-01-15125534.jpg Out in the sun Playing with a black GSD Me and Bruce
  9. Life&Times of Uncle Will
    I was A cuss at times with other folk,and still am,just not as beligerent. back in my dope days,when it was all about bein wild and unscrupulous I had this one job.ya see,I would work,sling A 'lil sum sum to keep my get high on the low low and was pure wild. I had always been A scrapper,like the...
  10. General Discussion
    Please can you help support this plea to the animal loving community to help save this dog's life. We are asking everyone to post and cross post this plea for his life. So far the response has been outstanding. Please help keep it going, there is precious little time left for this poor fella...
1-10 of 13 Results