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  1. General Discussion
    My new addition. Aireal drove me down to West Palm to scoop this guy up. He doesn't sit still too often. So these are the best pics I have of him. LOL! He is an AKC Staffordshire Bull terrier. His sire is Grand Champion Brittstafs Dream Boy. He's a bit more work then Geach was, but we are...
  2. Pictures
    Thought I would some pictures of Bruno up here he's a two Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pictures
    I haven't been on here much lately but Bruno is doing really good and I just started having him run/pull me while I Rollerblade. This is just a quick video from day one, he enjoys pulling and also just likes to run next to me. Gets lots of attention from the neighbors lol a great new way to keep...
  4. Pictures
    Well not really in the snow, it just started to snow lol but its the first time he has seen it since he was a baby last year when we got him at 8 weeks so its brand new to him
  5. Pictures
    Bruno turned 1 yesterday. Time goes so fast and he has gotten so big. Happy Birthday big head! lol
  6. Pictures
    Hey guys, I just got a new phone, the note 4 and it has a slow motion camera mode so i wanted to try it out... and of course bruno is my test lol hope you guys enjoy http://vid1364.photobucket.com/albums/r736/Jboyle532/20141108_102636_001_zpsfjtcil9q.mp4...
  7. Pictures
    So I bought a padded harness for bruno from stillwater. I plan on rollerblading with him and letting him pull me, right now I'm just getting him used to walking and wearing it. He's not a fan lol. Here's some pics. He just turned 9 months and weighs 65lbs (fatty lol)
  8. Pictures
    So i set up a spring pole for Bruno using a garage door spring and it was just too long and I didn't trust it at all with him tugging on it. So I returned that and bought the squishy face studios super tug instead. Bruno saw me taking down his new toy and was crying at the door, so I let him...
  9. Pictures
    So Bruno turned 8 months old yesterday. He's such an awesome dog, still gets into trouble sometimes lol but hes still a baby. The best part is my mom absolutely LOVES him, and she was against me getting a pitbull and afraid of him being vicious and all the usual worries of people just listening...
  10. Pictures
    So a few days ago I made Bruno a flirt pole, looked up all the different ways to do it, and I decided to use a horse lunge whip ($10) and I got a few different toys for when he destroys them lol. Right now this is what it looks like. All I had to do was tie the toy to the horse whip and it's...
  11. Pictures
    Bruno turned 6 months old yesterday. I love this puppy so much, he's awesome. And waiting to go for a walk, waiting for me to tell him he can come outside
  12. Pictures
    So Bruno turned 5 months last week. weighed him yesterday and he is 43lbs. He's doing great with training and his behavior. Went for a ride yesterday and he actually enjoyed the car, he used to be terrified but now jumps in the car on his own and he LOVES playing with the water from the...
  13. Pictures
    So i figured instead of making new threads every time i'm bored or bruno does something, i'll just do what most people do and have his own progress thread. This is Bruno, he was born December 15th, 2013 and we got him at 7 weeks old on super bowl Sunday. about 6 weeks Then i lose track on...
  14. Pictures
    So I took Bruno outside and he liked the football, took a few pictures of him. He's 14 weeks old Distracted by a bird lol Now he wants me to throw it! And not happy I told him to leave his new toy outside lol
  15. Pictures
    Bruno turns 12 weeks tomorrow. Got his first two shots and he's finally able to go outside a little bit. 50 degrees today so I took him out for a while. He's growing quickly
  16. Pictures
    So my new puppy, Bruno was in the living room with us playing, switched to the channel that had the dog show on, and left it on for a minute as we looked at some of the big dogs that were there... it was quiet from Bruno, we look down and see this lol It was adorable, and hilarious so we...
  17. General Discussion
    Hi im new here but im not new to dogs I have a eight year old bull mastiff a three year old lad mix and a four month old pitt bruno and a black and white pitt tell me what you think of them loving Bruno
  18. Pictures
    Hello, new here, this is my first post. I have a 3 month old pit bull puppy, his name is Bruno. I bought him on September 26th this year at just 5 weeks old which I know is very young but he is doing great. Breeder said he was a full pit, which I know may not be true since he didn't come...
1-19 of 61 Results