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  1. The Booth
    The Booth and Back 2 the Bullies Hosted by Bully the Kid and Ms Chavez 10PM EST/9PM CST/7PM PST The Good the Bad and the Ugly about ABKC Nationals this past weekend! We go over what went right and what could have been better! The winners are stopping by to discuss their...
  2. The Booth
    The Bully Booth hosted by Bully the Kid 10pm EST/7pm PST www.bullyworldradio.com Why do so many people get burned out on the Pit Bull/Bully scene? It seems that the period for people in the Bully World is 3 years or less. Is it the money, the lack of money, or the don't care about...
  3. The Booth
    The BOOTH Hosted by Bully the Kid 10pm EST/7pm PST www.BullyWorldRadio.com TONIGHT we discuss what the American Bully has really done to counteract public opinion when it comes to the American Pit Bull terrier. Has the breed made a difference, and has that difference been...
  4. PitbullPositive
    A message from Pit Garrett aka PBP Dan That's right the "Bully the Kid and Pit Garrett Show" kicked off this past Friday night! The show will be more than just dog in our hopes to attract a more diverse crowd; after all, we need to educate non pit bull owners. We will be covering everything...
  5. The Booth
    from pitbulls and parolees tear it up tonite! hear about the fire that almost killed 200 pitbulls. As always at ABW and blogtalk radio The Booth 7/27/2010 - Bully World Radio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio www.americanbullyworld.com
  6. The Booth
    15 minutes till show time Bully World Radio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio American Bully World
  7. The Booth
    The Bully Booth Hosted by Bully the Kid Tonight the Booth is back and BTK is bringing it again!! What's the real deal with Bloodlines? When does a breeding program achieve bloodline status, based off one dogs, or based off characteristics found consistently in offspring? The Doc is back to...
  8. General Discussion
    Were going to meet up this week and talk, I want someone like BTK to put into words how I fell, I can't express myself so hopefully he can ;)
  9. Back to the Bullies
    So I listened last night and it was actually pretty interesting, some one sided comments but some very valuable information. (I know OTK's going to jump on this). But he made a comment last night about UKC dogs and ADBA dogs and how he wouldn't breed them. What's you guys feeling on this? Is...