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  1. Pictures
    Hello again lol. It has been a bit since I have updated on my crew of 3. The boys (Drake and Magnus) have turned into beasts...Alexa is kept in the best shape possible with her hips which is in better shape than some healthy dogs lol. Magnus has really popped out of his shell lately...he still...
  2. Pictures
    Heres a few pics from yesterday. Alexa has hip dysplasia but i still allow her to springpole with all 4 feet on the ground....then i found out shes nuts over bubbles.....dont worry i dont let her do too much with it but she has to have quite a bit of exercise still lol. And Drake ignores the...
  3. Pictures
    Does anyone else's dog like to play with bubbles? Oreo loves them. Here are some pics: And now for some random pics I took of him
  4. Pictures
    My neice was over, she is 4 and LOVES Mel. Has not seen him for about a year, boy was she sad that she could no longer ride him, lol. Made due by keeping them busy for about an hour, until Gargamel decided to start drinking the bubbles. yeah that was no fun and ewwww. I had visions of...
  5. Pictures
    Here's a few pics of my Dorky boy eating some candy bubbles :D Thanks for looking :D
  6. Pictures
    Compa was having a blast on New Years♥ I never realized how much he loves bubbles.. He jumps around to get them, and he looks at them like they are the best thing ever. He probably loves bubbles as much as he likes his toys.. If you haven't yet, blow bubbles for your dog. and here...
  7. General Discussion
    my wife started blowing bubbles for the dogs. they have a great time. yes we do the reflection of the watch lens , the flash light, and also the lazer beam. they like the bubbles more. i think since we have two and only one beams of light and when she blows the bubbles there are alot to...
1-7 of 7 Results