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    Just 2 pics but had him outside for a little while. Before he saw little mrs. I want to taunt the dog kittie. Him and woot got ape shit for cats. Anyways here he is.....notice anything different
  2. Pictures
    Well here is my bubu looking gorgeous as always :) Hows he looking guys :) the pics look similar but oh well :) and they make him look kinda short lol
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    Well since blue is getting the fix, we are slowly going to bring him in to be a house dog. We had tried before but he marked. So wit woot and locked in another room. He came inside and he ended up staying inside all night we fixed up the extra crate for him and he did great. I have decided...
  4. Pictures
    Bubu got a bath today :) It was really nice out and he needed one BAD! But here are some pics of him right after his bath and some fun peanut butter pics :)
1-4 of 4 Results