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  1. Pictures
    I know he is not a Pit Bull, but he was my best friend. Silas, a basset/lab mix died today. He was 16 years old. He will be dearly missed by me and my 2 Pits. I traveled across country with him 6 times and have seen so much with him. August 6,1997 - January 5,2014.
  2. Pictures
    hey ladies/gents just wanted to show you all my dog bentley,i made a thread about a year ago in the introduction forum with puppy pictures etc and thought id throw up some relatively new pictures for you to check out he is sitting at around 100lbs and was born november 6 2011,hes an amstaff...
  3. Pictures
    Sheamus and Copper out on a walk
  4. Pictures
    Hey all, Finally got some new pictures up! :) I had family come over my house Friday night to grill out. It was a nice day. We got to hang out. Good times! BIG and Buddy were as happy as can be! :) BIG weighs 72.4 lbs. as of Saturday, and he turned 21 weeks on Saturday. :) He's gaining a...
  5. Pictures
    Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG and Buddy fighting off, and protecting us from that MEAN, MEAN hose!! Ahhhhh! Oh, and by the way.. BIG weighed in at 63.3 lbs. as of today. He gained 9 lbs. this week!! How crazy is that?! :) We got to watch Titus for the weekend. He's...
  6. Pictures
    This is the Bud man's drug. He goes through withdrawals if he doesn't get to play with this thing every day. LOL. Seriously though, he loves playing with the flirt pole. The second he see's me grab it. He runs straight to the grass and sits to wait for me. Its halarious. I love this dog...
  7. Obedience Training
    Hey guys, Well, it seems as if Buddy's skin is really sensitive to the prong collar that I got him at PetSmart. I've had it for a while now, and try not to use to very often, but he's just been pulling horribly bad when we go to new places. Oh, and YES.. I do fit his prong properly. LOL...
  8. Pictures
    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Well guys, as crazy tough as it has been... we have finally gotten through the first year of Buddy's life!! This has been the craziest dog that I have EVER encountered, but OMG, I love him to death. He is soooooo very attached to me. Everytime I come on the...
  9. General Discussion
    So, this morning I managed to wake up only to find my beautiful little blue fawn baby boy dead in his crate upstairs. He has all the signs of being poisoned, so we are going to have an autopsy done on him later and if he was poisoned we know who did it. Our neighbor has made threats before and...
  10. Pictures
    So, I entered Bud in this contest and here's the link to vote. He'd appreciate it lots. Great American Photo Contest
  11. Pictures
    Yup. He's a beast! Hahaha.. I love this dog dearly. He's the best companion anyone could ask for. Extremely protective of the house, loving/affectionate, very smart and obedient. What more could one ask for?! This dog is helping me lose weight too by walking him every day. :) I've taught him to...
  12. Pictures
    Lol! Thought that'd get your attention! Here's my pix of Bruce-Bruce "snorkeling"! Him and Alyia, playin together. Alyia is pit/chow/blue heeler mix, will be 9 in July and is in Ga with my oldest 2 daughters and their father. I hope you like em!! Thanks for looking! Oh, yeah...
  13. General Discussion
    All his health issues are behind him and he went home with his new owner tonite. it was quite a journey but we couldnt be happier for him. I just hope the same for Bob!
  14. Pictures
    Well Bud continues to cost me money. He has demo mange but only on his face and head.His first treatment was 10 days ago and Im giving him his second treatment tomorrow. the vet said after his first treatment it will look worse before it gets better. how much worse will it get? Ive had puppy...
  15. Pictures
    I caught him in the act. this time he had his sidekick with him. I expect these things from elmer but not innocent little bud! they ate almost half that pumpkin and bud disembowelled the planter. did you ever smell pumpkin farts from a dog before? WHEW!!! its undiscribable! they both have to...
  16. Pictures
    What Do Yous Think About These To Gawjuss Pits...:D
1-16 of 16 Results