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  1. General Discussion
    This Pit Bull's Dance Moves Put Some Humans to Shame
  2. Pictures
    Tandie is now about 12 weeks old and is such a fun little pup, lots of energy and smarts as expected :) doing good with house training, but still manages to take a dump under the kitchen table about 2 times a week. LOL! She is currently on Acana food, I haven't introduced her to the raw diet...
  3. General Discussion
    This weather, at least here in Northern IN, has reached the danger level. Tonight we're expecting actual temps of -16 with wind chills -40+. Not good, at all. Take care of your pets....and yourself. And pray for those less fortunate...I really don't know how some are going to do it:(
  4. Pictures
    I thought this was pretty cool, I snapped this picture of Loki and Lucy (right) yesterday and it reminded me so much of an old picture of our old mix Brutus and Loki as a pup (left) I had to do a side-by-side. We lost Brutus in 2010 and I still miss him every day. Now it's Loki's turn to be the...
  5. Events, Results & Photos
    THis is a link to the flyer for the Co Show. Little Back round this club is run by a ADBA judge named Sam Villani. A good judge and bulldog advocate. this club run smooth show with some great competition not only in the conformation show ring but this is one of the best places to compete with...
  6. Pictures
    I got my eye on you this kong toy HAD a rope, happily took it off, can you tell? knock out tired dog is a happy dog Lazy ass prefers to sun tan golden eye boy Always has time to cuddle and make you feel loved
  7. Pictures
    I'm sick and bored so I put this lil vid together... Hope you guys enjoy!
  8. General Discussion
    In my OB class we had a 14 month Old Southern Bulldog start in class today. I have heard of them but never seen one before. When I googled the breed I keep getting what looks like American bulldogs that come up but say they are Old Southern bulldogs. This dudes dog is red and looks like a mix of...
  9. New Member Introductions
    How are all you Dog Lovers?
  10. Pictures
    Just look at these dogs, they are beautiful very stable around humans. I can see these guys excelling in sports, they have very nice structures and I know someone out there has to be looking for a doggy.
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    I was looking for Bandog pictures for my clients since I am sure that is what they have. I ran across this web site that is breeding American Bulldogs with Catahoulas and saying they are registered. If this a new breed or someones fake creation??:confused::confused: Has anyone ever heard of...
  12. Pictures
    I was cleaning out my garage and I found some more pics of our old dogs. They were American bulldogs. Two of the best dog I've ever been around. Here they are all ready for Christmas. R.I.P. sweet babies you'll never be forgotten. Here's Mary Jane lookin so pretty Here's Mack Truck with my...
  13. Pictures
    I've seen a few here before so I thought I'd start a thread for them. Please post me some pics. I'll start here's our old dogs Mack and Mary Jane Mack is the one with the eye patch. Mary Jane and Fat Cat Mack and M.J.'s babies Cage, Mack and M.J.'s little man all grown up he's the puppy on the...
1-14 of 28 Results