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  1. Pictures
    This is from only 10 days of love and proper care.... Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. Positive Pitbull News
    'Superdog' takes bullet to head, saves owner's life, lives to bark about it | News.com.au Just wanted to share this story I ran across. Always good to hear positive pit bull news :D
  3. Pictures
    hello, i am new here not as advanced you everyone i can see with all this info about bloodlines and what not, but i just wanted to share my pups with other pitbull lovers and see what other people think of them :D bullet is the black male,(not to sure on breed) any info will help me out, diamond...
  4. Pictures
    Here's some more adorable pics of Bullet and his kitty Sparky. I caught them snoozing together in his kennel. Enjoy! :-) And one of Sparky, being a showoff. lol
  5. Pictures
    It's been a while since I posted some pics of Bullet and his best friend Sparky the kitty. Sparky's new thing now is if Bullet isn't paying attention to him, he will meow at him and jump up and rub on Bullet's chin. Enjoy! :) durrrrr! lol My bf put his silver chain necklace on...
  6. Pictures
    He's alllllllmost got the white dog man-sit down!!
  7. Pictures
    I was cleaning up around the house, and found an old, deflated basketball under our porch, and Bullet decided it was his. lol. I wish I could have captured all the goofy faces he was making at me, playing keep-away and just being his normal, dorky self. I was taking pics with my phone, so...
  8. Pitbull Articles
    Thank goodness he is ok!! Dog Takes A Bullet For His Owner | TeddyHilton.com Good Boy! A Pit Bull dog woke up his owner Thursday morning when he heard three men brake into his Suffolk County home. Police say one of the burglars shot the pooch with a .22-caliber rifle before the unidentified...
  9. Pictures
    It turned out to be a gorgeous (but still cold) day yesterday, so we took Bullet with us and did some offroading. Had to give our new truck its first mud bath! lol. After running with the dirtbike and chasing the ball, Bullet was totally exhausted (score!!) Here's some pics, hope you enjoy...
  10. Pictures
    Just a few fun pics of Bullet I've taken in the past few weeks. Enjoy! I wanna go for a ride too! Just chilling He sleeps in the weirdest positions sometimes... Yummy! (Looks like he's growling, but he wasn't. Just curling his lips to get at the good stuff in the middle, lol) I...
  11. Pictures
    Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful then a locomotive... Look out in the yard! It's a bird... It's a plane... No, it's Super-BODACIOUS!!! Look mom no ears LOL. Now I'm even aerodynamic! ...or should that be "aero-dog-amic"
  12. Pictures
    Haven't posted any pics of Bullet in a while, so here are some taken just now. He just turned 2 in December, and has filled out pretty nicely. Muscle tone isn't as good as it could be, can't really do much in Alaska in the winter! haha. Anyways, here's some pics of my handsome boy! Playing...
  13. Pictures
    Just some pics of Bullet playing with the frisbee, and some of him with Sparky too. Thanks for looking! Play?!? C'mon, throw it already! Mine! And more of Bullet and Sparky (Pic quality isn't all that great...) And Bullet with his buddy Misha, the weiner dog
  14. Pictures
    Some pics of Bullet and Sparky, our new kitten. They get along so well, surprisingly. Here's some cute pics of them... This one's my favorite-- Attacking Bullet's tail Cuddling on the giant beanbag chair Sparky always follows him into his kennel to snuggle Sitting on his perch...
  15. Pitbull Articles
    Doctors pulled a bullet 'sliver of bullet fragment' from the leg of 32-year-old Toby Beute, police say. A woman was injured by a stray bullet fragment on Friday, police said, when officers shot a dog at a Port Orange home. Port Orange police said they went to the Bayridge Lane home to...
1-15 of 24 Results