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  1. Pictures
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  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    help bunny win the photo contest! please vote daily- Share your Turkey Dog Photo and Story for a chance to WIN! | K9 Kelp
  3. Pictures
    lol watching my nephew today and took some pics it was fun
  4. Pictures
    first vid.. second vid,... this one is my fav lol. and the last one.
  5. Pictures
    making people smile... and laugh! NOM.... NOM... NOM..... I haz cheezburger! :woof:
  6. Pictures
    here they are!!! :) these 2 pics were taken a few nights ago... before I sleep I will watch bunny and the pups to see what the pups are doing. in this case they were being cute lol. taken tonight at 10 days old! black female henna. redish buckskin female "sable" here is my...
  7. Pictures
    as most of you know I have been anticipating a litter from a breeding with bunny and kannon (planned for 3 years) bunny was due sunday, was showing a few signs but didnt give birth that day... monday at 4am she woke me up to take her outside to potty, she looked very uncomfortable, I knew she...
  8. Pictures
    this is for fun! make a guess!!! how many do you think is in there :) clues- bunnys due on sunday... she has 4 days left! bunny is 35lbs in condition, 43 lbs at winter fattest weight, and right now shes sitting at 52lbs. todays pics! :pup:
  9. Pictures
    heres some pics of the fatty :) on sunday or monday I will take more pics of her to do a "puppy poll" as angel suggested, everyone can make a guess on how many is in there... it sounds fun!
  10. Pictures
    here she is! some of you might have seen these pics on facebook, I thought id share my pics over here! yes, she does have "buns in the oven" and im stoked. shes 4 weeks in these pics. half way done. she sure has a funny temperment pregnant, I think I like my bunnys attitude better un-preggers...
  11. Pictures
    sorry for the gay music... selection sucked lol.
  12. Pictures
    went to the park today, it was the FIRST drag session of the year! and it went surprisingly well besides them being out of shape. we had a lot of fun. pics and vids!
  13. General Discussion
    please!!! I think she deserves to be in the magazine. :woof: Modern Dog Photo Contest | Modern Dog magazine - the best dog magazine ever
  14. Pictures
    it was bunnys last day of OB school! she passed :) im just glad I dont have to go there anymore lol. heres some pictures from her test today. :woof:
  15. Pictures
    we had a fresh snow fall then the sun came out and was it ever nice :) loaded up the dog, harness and the sled... went out for a good 40 minutes. bunny got a good wrokout for her fat butt. and I got funny looks.... lol.
1-19 of 25 Results