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  1. Pictures
    I Love my puppy sooo much,,
  2. General Discussion
    I am looking into volunteering for The Buster Foundation, which is a bully breed rescue group kiinda in my area. it's a little north of me but they do things in my area as well and i was thinking about volunteering, possibly fostering if i think i am up for it, i was just wondering if anybody...
  3. Pictures
    Here's a link to a quick video of my boy Buster at 5 months old.
  4. Adopt a Bulls
    Buster was dumped at an industrial site on the Houston Ship channel almost four months ago. He was covered in fleas, worm infested, and very skinny. We decided, with the help of FriendsforLife, that we would foster him. He has lived in our home as an inside dog playing, wrestling, and sleeping...
  5. Pictures
    A kind of funny pic, our last dog Buster with Santa. Buster had the biggest 'ol cow tongue....:roll:
  6. Pictures
    Someone dropped him off at the vet clinic my girlfriend works at. They got rid of him because they were having a baby... He's such a good boy, and gets along great with my other two boys.
  7. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    Anyone have any info on this dog,he was thought to be the worlds largest purebred apbt back in the early 80's,im looking for his pedigree,any info could help alot,thanx in advance.
  8. Pictures
    1st up ol big head i know you see me and now the boss of the yard thanks for looking at my babes:woof:
  9. Pictures
    sugar is about 11 yrs old now, helped with her birth lol was excited when i got her. and buster is about 15 or 16 months
  10. Pictures
    Buster at 8 month old.
  11. Pictures
    4 month old and weigh about 40lbs! :D
  12. Pictures
    Here buster winking for the camera! heres is shy face heres crazy buster trying to brush is own teeth! lol Buster is fixing to be three month old on oct 6!:woof:
  13. Pictures
    Hi i was wondering what you guys think of my dog buster i got him when he was 4 months old and hes a great dog, i was told he was french mastiff x lab but my self and a friend who has bred pits are starting to think he could be a french mastiff x pitbull what are your thoughts hes now 13 months...
  14. Pictures
    Buster was so excited to get his new collar from CollarMania today! He wants to be a show-off: ;)
  15. Pictures
    Hmm, what's this? Doesn't taste like pumpkin... Maybe I'll just chew it up Mom do I have vampire teeth?
  16. Pictures
    I love this boy. Tolerant of other dogs, however if they start sumink, he will finish it. Enjoy!
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Yesterday I noticed Buster's body heat temp seemed a bit cool. The top of his head and top of torso are usually quite warm. Even his ears seem cool. However he is not acting ill, or doing anything out of the ordinary. And the weather around here is not as cold anymore, it's beginning to get...
  18. General Discussion
    here are some new pics
1-19 of 23 Results