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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I think you all know what I'm talking about here. That nasty, pungent, persistent stuff that comes from their butts every now and then. Otis left some on the couch last night and OMG it funked up the whole house! I had to wash the couch cover twice to get the odor out. What is it? More...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    My baby is in so much pain cant take to vet its middle of night and she is in so much pain her butt is hurting her and she cant stand on back legs and her butt stinks ive been noticing bad gas for the last two days i thought it was because i swiched her dog food she has a lot of gas maybe i can...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    gotti has bacterial prostatitis. vet has him on 3 different meds. baytril for the bacterial infection. pravicox for the inflammation. and finasteride to shrink up the prostate gland. you can see the dark areas in his ultra sound. those are fairly large cysts in the prostate. more than likely...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    we have been dealing with a stubborn infection and i could use some help. 2 weeks ago Gotti started doing the boot scoot boogie. and his ass smelled like... well, ass. it wasn't the normal oily fishy smell of anal glands. it was more rancid. i tried external expression at home and got a small...
  5. General Discussion
    I recently got a puppy, he has been wormed, he is scooting his butt on the ground sometimes after he poops. Has this happened with anyone else and their puppy? Thanks
  6. Health & Nutrition
    My now 18 week girl pitbull is more and more biting at her tail close to her but and the skin around her anus but not on. When I see her doing it I stop her she bites on herself all over the place all the time I took it as for sensitive skin. The only thing New to her diet is the banana yogurt...
  7. pitbull behavior
    It seems that Lina lately has been really sensitive about her butt. Like when I try to pet her there, she squats down a bit & curls up. It's kinda tough to explain, but I'm sure some of you have seen what I'm talking about before. And her tail kinks in an awkward direction. Any idea what could...
  8. Pictures
    Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  9. Pictures
    hopefully you can see him! 8 month old Staffy Pit mix
  10. Health & Nutrition
    so i noticed that tini has some white smelly stuff that was on his tail and it smells soooo bad. i was wonding if any one knew what it could be. ashley says it smells like rotten cheese i say it makes me wanna vomit. i guess i would describe it as almost a "cream" and it was scattered in...
  11. General Discussion
    Or should I say fluffy muzzle???
  12. Obedience Training
    Helena has been very mouthy lately. She has been coming up and shoving her nose up under my arm for attention, or barking at me and growling. It is a playful growl like the talking growl, because when I look at her she does a play bow and then barks. I try not to play with her whenever she does...
  13. General Discussion
    Spazz, I want you to know that Daddy, grandma and I love you so much! Remember what Daddy told you when he was holding you before you went home and know you stole a large part of our hearts and not a dry face insight. even your grandma Shawna is crying for you. no words can ever explain just how...
  14. Pictures
    Hear thy rawr! What do you mean small fry!? MEH! I ish a pout now Ish stops and smellz teh roses..er..weed and brick. Better run Riley! Thanks for looking at my Spazz bucket!:woof:
  15. Pictures
    by the lil spitfire :D :D stretching before play winding up ate it again lol after a hard days work being a good sport after his buttkicking. My meeko
  16. Health & Nutrition
    A friend of mine is having a hard time dealing with fleas down here. Thankfully, knock on wood I haven't had an issue. Who knows of any kick butt yard pest control suggestions?
  17. Pictures
    Gracie got shaved down for the summer so she's isn't the fluffy butt but a still pretty girl... Gracie and Boomer Gracie and Goof face Boomer Watching the salmon run, waiting for thier chance they finally decided to chase a jumper, across the river!! and you thought an alligator would be...
  18. General Discussion
    I noticed that the smaller of the three pups butt was wet all day today, but just alittle while ago I noticed that the pup has a yellow discharge coming from her butt. What the hell is it and how do i fix it?! I really hope it's not anything serious!
  19. Pictures
    jake and my fiance looks like a demon lol 014-1.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting lol he was watching the football game, i tried to put a beer in his lap but he got up lol
  20. General Discussion
    sooo is it just kenya or do all pitbuls get sooooo excited that they not only wag their tails but their whole butt shakes . lmao its the funniest thing to me and my bf. please tell me everyone else has their laughs at this too
1-20 of 23 Results