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    I am looking to buy a Proselect Empire Dog cage, does anyone have any experience with these or if there is a better one? My pit is so destructive he is 20 months old and 90lbs.
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    So I adopted a 3rd dog back in July. He's an older pit named Red. Super dog...very gentle, well-mannered, and somewhat affectionate (although he never gives kisses), and does great in the cage while I'm at work. Anyways, last Thursday I came home from work to find a huge mess both in and outside...
  3. Pictures
    My lil man loves his new cage
  4. General Discussion
    Hi my name is Jessica and I have a two-year-old bluenose pitbull. I'm having a lot of trouble with his cage every time I come home from work I find the cage flipped over and him out of the cage. I don't know how he's getting out of it I've tried zip ties I've tried securing the cage just doesn't...
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    Hi, collar or no collar, if the dog will be in the cage for more than 4 hrs.. ??
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    do anybody have one or had experience with one???
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    So my puppy is almost 6 months old. She loves water, so it's hard keepin a water bowl filled with water in her kennel. At 1st i started out using a plastic, rectangular shaped kitty litter pan as her water bowl. That worked somewhat. The problem with that was my puppy would sit/lay in the water...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    ok so i got this kennel its pretty big but my boyfriend says i should get a cage, one you can see all around in becasue the dog iwll feel punished inside the one you can only see out of the front with. its like a pet taxi but bigger. does it matter which i use?
  9. Health & Nutrition
    My little girl is showing a little rib cage and back bone any suggestions on how to make this go away since shes been spayed :rain: